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Version of 

Kokhono Megh (1968)

Remade as 

Kokhono Megh (1968)
Bengali language adapatation
Based on the original screenplay


The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)
Reggie Lampert: "Would you do anything like that? [...] swing down from there on a rope to save the woman you love. Like the Hunchback of Notre Dame."
Spellbound (1945)
Stage Fright (1950)
An American in Paris (1951)
Regina Lampert: "...Gene Kelly. You remember when he danced down here by the river in 'An American in Paris' without a care in the world?"
My Fair Lady (1964)
When Cary Grant's character takes Audrey Hepburn's character to her apartment he references the song title "On the Street where you live".

Referenced in 

Gumnaam (1965)
Charade theme was used as the theme song 'Gumnam hai koi' for the film Gumnam
Walk Don't Run (1966)
Cary Grant whistles the theme song from Charade (in which Grant starred).
L'uomo senza memoria (1974)
A hoodlum terrorizes Sara by perpetually lighting matches and throwing them onto her lap. She begs him to stop and continues to swat them off of her. The hoodlum ends by saying, "An enjoyable little game, isn't it? I saw it in a movie once. Very effective." The film he is referencing is "Charade" where the exact same event occured.
Columbo: Now You See Him (1976) (TV Episode)
Borrows main theme music from Charade
Remington Steele: A Steele at Any Price (1983) (TV Episode)
For once, Laura suggests a movie as their guide instead of Steele.
Love Among Thieves (1987) (TV Movie)
Jefferson Hotel scene (Word on mirror and ensuing race to Opera House).
Lethal Weapon (1987)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Castle of Fu Manchu (1992) (TV Episode)
"Audrey Hepburn in Charade"
Greedy (1994)
Title seen on movie theatre marquee.
Free Enterprise (1998)
Poster on wall in Mark's house.
The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000) (TV Movie)
briefly mentioned in the closing credits
Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure (2001) (Video Game)
One of Winnie Woodpecker's questions in her trivia game askes where the $250,000 ended up in this movie.
Vanilla Sky (2001)
The Truth About 'The Truth About Charlie' (2003) (Video)
'The Truth About Charlie' is a remake of 'Charade' and they reference this film.
Alex & Emma (2003)
Touch of Pink (2004)
On traveling to London, it is cited, and is part of the Cary Grant tie-in.
Roma (2004)
Roma says on a dialogue that she watched this movie.
Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession (2004) (TV Movie)
Mentioned in a magazine article.
Team America: World Police (2004)
The opening scene of Team America shows a Paris scene in which a pretty young woman calls for a small boy "Jean-Francois". This references Charade when Audrey Hepburn and her friend in the stamp market, as they are calling for a small boy "Jean-Louis".
The Circle (2005)
The main characters discuss it, its stars Grant and Hepburn, and actress Angela Bettis sings the theme.
Jeopardy!: Episode #22.68 (2005) (TV Episode)
referenced in clue in "Cary Grant" category
Récit de voyage (2005) (Video)
poster shown
Virage de modes (2005) (Video)
poster shown
The Sopranos: Cold Stones (2006) (TV Episode)
Rosalie Aprile sees a ferry in the Seine and says "Look! Just like Charade!"
Gossip Girl: Summer Kind of Wonderful (2008) (TV Episode)
Blair says she hates it.
Fringe: Ability (2009) (TV Episode)
Avery recommends this movie to Joanne
Mic Macs à Tire-Larigot (2009)
DVD is shown in a video store.
Gossip Girl: Enough About Eve (2009) (TV Episode)
when Blair awakens from her bad dream, Chuck says he hopes she didn't dream to be in "Charade" again, because he knows how terrified she is of Walter Matthau.
Chuck: Chuck Versus the Couch Lock (2010) (TV Episode)
The scene in which Mackintosh enters the funeral, takes a pin from his lapel, and stabs Casey in the hand to see if he's really dead, echoes a similar scene in Charade (which is also about three ex-soldiers trying to get their hands on a bunch of gold bars that they attempted to steal years earlier).
Stanley Donen: You Just Do It (2010)
Movie directed by Stanley Donen
Monsieur Hubert de Givenchy (2011)
theatrical trailer
Inn i mørket (2012)
Anita and Jan are watching Charade on TV during a conversation, and the sound of that film's climactic scene is heard offscreen.
It Follows (2014)
Playing at movie theater.
NCIS: Kill the Messenger (2014) (TV Episode)
Mentioned in dialogue by DiNozzo.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Kisses a Boy! (2015) (TV Episode)
Titus and Brandon discuss the movie.
Love on the Air (2015) (TV Movie)
As seen on a poster, the film is showing as part of a movie retrospective.
Mike & Mike: Episode dated 1 March 2016 (2016) (TV Episode)
mentioned by Adnan Virk in his remarks on the death of actor George Kennedy
Blackcatloner: Goodwill Hunting (2016) (TV Episode)
Among the VHS tapes that Blackcatloner donates to Goodwill.

Featured in 

Hollywood: The Gift of Laughter (1982) (TV Movie)
Cary Grant sitting behind a desk making faces at Audrey Hepburn
Pretty Woman (1990)
Home Stories (1990) (Short)
Clip shown.
The Universal Story (1996) (TV Movie)
clip shown
The Silver Screen: Color Me Lavender (1997)
footage included
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Robin Hood/Letters to Juliet/Just Wright (2010) (TV Episode)
Michael Caine's pick for his #4 favorite film
Maltin on Movies: Secretariat (2010) (TV Episode)
Movie reviewed in this episode.
Bad Movie Beatdown: The Tourist (2011) (TV Episode)
Film Brain describes The Tourist as an attempt to remake this movie

Spoofed in 

Pee-wee's Playhouse: Dr. Pee-wee and the Del Rubios (1989) (TV Episode)
Pee-Wee and the Del Rubios spoof the orange-passing scene.
Daria: Murder, She Snored (2000) (TV Episode)
Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie try to find out if somebody is dead with identical tactics
Die Welt auf Schwäbisch: Episode I - Eine neue Hoffnung (2009) (TV Episode)
The episode uses excerpts of this title as a basis for a funny re-dubbing.
Die Welt auf Schwäbisch: Episode II - Eine Frage der Ehre (2010) (TV Episode)
The episode uses excerpts of this title as a basis for a funny re-dubbing.

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