The Birds (1963) Poster


Plot Keywords

bird socialite
bird attack seagull
trapped phone booth
children birthday
school lawyer
california practical joke
pet shop 1960s
two word title blonde
jungle gym unsolved mystery
female protagonist nature run amok
electronic music animal in title
blind man's bluff game waitress
telephone telephone call
teacup sparrow
shopkeeper sheriff
portrait piano
piano playing painted portrait
outboard motor ornithologist
lighting a cigarette license plate
head wound framed painting
finch elevator
cotton ball cigarette smoking
cigarette machine cigarette lighter
canary broken window
bloody hand blood on head
attic antiseptic
alcoholic drink vomiting
disaster bird in title
seclusion dead bird
running from danger covering a dead body
female slaps female schoolhouse
killer animal chimney
chased down street silent scream
lovebird schoolteacher
island fear
evacuation rotoscoping
eyes pecked out eye gouging
animal attack based on short story
paranoia general store
corpse binoculars
man against nature love triangle
bodega bay california widow
teacher single mother
playground old flame
motorboat mother son relationship
houseguest gift
flashlight fireplace
farm face slap
dock deputy sheriff
convertible child in peril
burned alive brother sister relationship
blindfold no music
no ending blockbuster
cult film director cameo
diner san francisco california
pet bird exploding gasoline station
birthday party small town
bird cage crow
death of friend title spoken by character

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