Billy Liar (1963) Poster


Plot Keywords

ambrosia imagination
train scriptwriter
milk immaturity
hero friend
fantasy world failure
vending machine undertaker
novelist bagpipes
funeral procession daydreamer
flashback disc jockey
radio station writer
wrecking building wc
water closet watching tv
warrant walkie talkie
voice over narration violin
violinist vase
undertaker's assistant uncle nephew relationship
typewriter twist the dance
train ticket thief
theft telephone operator
telephone call tea
teasing tape recorder
suitcase suburb
storytelling storyteller
store opening stealing
stadium spotlight
song singing
singer shot in the back
shopping cart shaving
scriptwriting scissors
salute royalty
ring restaurant
reference to winston churchill reference to nell gwyn
reference to lady of the lamp reel to reel tape recorder
recording record player
raincoat radium
radio studio radio request
radio announcer prison warden
police policeman
playground plastic coffin
piano piano player
photo booth phonograph
peter pan complex penicillin
passion pill park
mp motorcycle
monocle monkey wrench
military police microphone
memory marriage engagement
loudspeaker loss of right arm
london times london england
liquor cabinet limp
limousine lily pond
lie liar
letter lateness
kitchen kiss
key jail
iron lung interrogation
infirmary husband wife relationship
horse riding horse jumping
ground fill graveyard
gravestone grandmother grandson relationship
funeral food
follow spot flowers
fingernail fight
family relationships newsreel in plot
exposé electric razor
drummer drum major
drink drinking
double exposure effects dog
doctor death of grandmother
dancer cross
councilor coughing
conga line comedian
clothes closet cigarette smoking
choir chapel
cannon cannon salute
cafe bugle
brother sister relationship broken marriage engagement
breakfast book
blackface birthday
big ben bicycle
bed band
arrest army officer
apartment building 1960s
women's liberation insecurity
catfight reviewing stand
provincial setting plastic
parade mythical country
marching band machine gun
grand opening generation gap
gag writer funeral parlor
demolition dance hall
coffin aphrodisiac
yorkshire writing
war hero waitress
tv star toilet
supermarket speech
rugby ribbon cutting
release from prison railway station
radio broadcasting quitting a job
prison office clerk
nightclub newsreel footage
mother son relationship military parade
melodrama love triangle
jewelry store imaginary country
hotel hospital
hearse friendship
fiancee father son relationship
fantasy sequence engagement ring
embezzlement diner
daydream dancing
compulsive liar cemetery
calendar kitchen sink realism
death of mother based on novel
based on play independent film
character name in title

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