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Rick Bradshaw is a young millionaire who consults with his therapist, Dr. Everett, about a persistent dream about an unknown, beautiful woman. Dr. Everett takes Rick to an artist, who sketched a likeness of Rick's dream girl, and the picture is run in the newspapers.

Within a few days, Rick is swamped with replies from dozens of women, but the genuine one comes from the agent of burlesque queen Gina Adair. Rick follows Gina and her act to Miami, searching in vain for her at her favorite nudist camp. Later, Rick approaches Gina at the theater where she works, but he is assaulted by her manager, Barney, who controls Gina because of an unpaid loan once given by her father.

After doing some investigating about Gina and her true connection to Barney, Rick repays the loan when he finally finds Gina at the nudist camp. But a jealous Barney sends a thug friend after Rick to recover the loan note. But Rick beats up and detains the gangster, informs the police who arrest Barney, and goes off with Gina to discuss their marriage.


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