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28 Sep. 1963
All That Jazz
When Varela undertakes responsibility for a jazz group making its debut in England, he soon finds himself with more problems than he bargained for and it isn't long before the band are serenading a group of spies to save the life of a musician.
5 Oct. 1963
The Beneficiary
Finding himself in trouble in Greece, Jarrell, a wartime colleague of Varela's, sends his ex-comrade a prearranged distress signal: a campaign ribbon and a torn half of a document - the two items that spell 'danger'.
12 Oct. 1963
Express Delivery
In Poland, Carlos is harassed by the authorities at every turn. At his hotel, a beautiful girl seeks his help in order to escape to Austria, but is she really a communist agent?
19 Oct. 1963
Never Play Cards with Strangers
A young woman who's parents were cheated by gamblers on a luxury cruise Carlos arranged,persuades him to take the next trip to try and expose the card sharks.
26 Oct. 1963
May the Saints Preserve Us
Carlos investigates where an Irish Monastery has apparently been sold and needs moving to Texas in the USA.
2 Nov. 1963
Meet My Son, Henry
Varela finds himself involved with the mysterious disappearance of top-secret flight plans from a Space Development Centre. At the request of a millionaire, he embarks on an intriguing escapade to recover the plans.
9 Nov. 1963
A Little Sweetness and Light
Carlos investigates the death of an old friend on a small Greek island, where he discovers a deported American gangster has taken over.
16 Nov. 1963
The Height of Fashion
Varela moves in fashion circles and discovers that anything can be sold as the latest vogue - provided you sell your product with panache and style. Yes, anything - including horse blankets.
23 Nov. 1963
A Very Desirable Plot
An American has been selling sunny Caribbean housing lots that turn out to be under muddy water, leaving angry buyers and Carlos with prefab houses that can't be built. He works out a plan to convince the greedy land dealer that the lots are worth buying back.
30 Nov. 1963
Finishing School
When a young girl goes missing from an exclusive ladies' finishing school. everyone suspects she has been kidnapped. Varela thinks otherwise and at the headmistress's request he sends Bill Randall to investigate.
7 Dec. 1963
The Scroll of Islam
Varela is intrigued when Professor Fletcher approaches him and requests his help in obtaining photographs of a relic which could prove more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls.
14 Dec. 1963
Not Quite Fully Covered
Bill Randal, an employee of Carlos' firm, is taken in by a lovely heiress who convinces him to insure an antique collection being smuggled out of her country, which recently went socialist. When the lot is sunk at sea, Randal's on the hook.
21 Dec. 1963
A Box of Tricks
Why won't the Palabria people receive an £11 million gift to their country? Bill Randall is sent to investigate - and finds himself playing the role of an African witch-doctor to encourage them to do so.

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