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Season 2

22 Sep. 1964
Betty Jo's Dog
Betty Jo finds a dog who follows her everywhere.
29 Sep. 1964
Race Against the Stork
A friend of Kate's friends comes to visit to have her baby. Joe makes plans to ensure the doctor will be at the Shady Rest in time.
6 Oct. 1964
Have Library Will Travel
The traveling library on the Cannonball Express seems to pass through Hooterville a lot. Uncle Joe is interested in the librarian; is she interested in him?
13 Oct. 1964
The Umquaw Strip
The Hooterville Express is under threat again from Homer Bedloe. His latest attack involves part of the rail tracks being on Indian land.
27 Oct. 1964
As Hooterville Goes
Hooterville has a long standing record of being the first community to have their political votes submitted to the state. This time, they have competition from another community.
10 Nov. 1964
My Dog the Actor
The family has a potential star in the family. Billie Jo's dog is a finalist for a dog food commercial.
17 Nov. 1964
The Great Buffalo Hunt
Uncle Joe has a new scheme to make money. Get a buffalo, take it to the Shady Rest, and sportsmen will follow.
24 Nov. 1964
Betty Jo's Pen Pal
Betty Jo's pen-pal arrives at the Shady Rest for a visit.
1 Dec. 1964
Bedloe's Nightmare
Bedloe is told by his psychiatrist that he should change his ways and he should love the Cannonball because he having nightmares of the train. When Bedloe visits the Shadyrest Hotel, Kate is not fooled by the change in him when he says he loves that train. They find out Bedloe is planning remove old damaged tracks instead of replacing them to shut down the Cannonball, it is up to Kate to stop him.
8 Dec. 1964
Kate's Bachelor Butter
A new passenger on the Cannonball Express is surprised when the train stops along the route to pick apples for Kate. He does not understand why the train does not stick to the schedule. Kate is making Bachelor Butter.
15 Dec. 1964
Mother of the Bride
Kate is angry when she hears that Billie Jo is engaged to Selma Plout's son. It is not the engagement, but rather that he is related to her enemy.
29 Dec. 1964
The Lost Patrol
Some Army soldiers are staying at the Shady Rest as it is near their location for conducting maneuvers. Most men seem to want to maneuver with the girls more than the Army.
5 Jan. 1965
Several of the men in town get together for band practice for the Fire Department Volunteer Band. However, there is no Volunteer Fire Department. They decide to raise money to create one.
12 Jan. 1965
The Curse of Chester W. Farnsworth
Is there a ghost haunting the Shady Rest? Uncle Joe thinks there is a ghost from a guest 50 years ago.
19 Jan. 1965
There's No Flame Like an Old Flame
A former girlfriend of Uncle Joe returns to the Shady Rest to see him. They had almost married, but she ran off with the best man. Now, the marriage seems like it might happen this time.
26 Jan. 1965
Billie Jo's First Job
Billie Jo gets her first job, but Kate is not so happy about it.
2 Feb. 1965
A Matter of Communication
The girls feel cut off from their friends and things happening in Hooterville since the Shady Rest does not have a telephone. Kate says she cannot afford to have a line put in.
9 Feb. 1965
Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer
Hooterville finally has their Volunteer Fire Department, but find they are unable to put out a fire that started on the Cannonball Express.
16 Feb. 1965
Hooterville Crime Wave
Uncle Joe sees a way to make money when two escaped convicts are seen in Hooterville. Joe plans to capture them and get the reward money.
23 Feb. 1965
For the Birds
Homer Bedloe finds another way to destroy the Cannonball Express. Floyd and Charley won't run the train because some birds have built a nest on the tracks.
2 Mar. 1965
Modern Merchandising
A new grocery store opens in Pixley. The store has a wide variety of products at a discount price. Sam Drucker starts losing customers.
9 Mar. 1965
Visit from the Governor
Uncle Joe's latest scheme involves having the governor visit the Shady Rest for publicity.
16 Mar. 1965
A Borderline Story
Always on the lookout for a way to make money, when Uncle Joe finds out the Shady Rest property is located on the border of two counties, he decides there has to be a tourist attraction in that situation.
23 Mar. 1965
The Shady Rest Hotel Corporation
The Shady Rest needs to raise money to replace the water heater, and Uncle Joe knows a way to do it.
30 Mar. 1965
A Tale of Two Dogs
Betty Jo is upset when she hears that Crabwell Corners claims the cutest dog in the area lives in their town. She says her dog is cuter. This leads to a dispute over which town owns the rights to a Spanish-American cannon.
6 Apr. 1965
The Black Box
The Shady Rest is in danger and does not know it. A special government camera falls from a plane and lands on the Shady Rest. The camera includes an exploding device which can be activated by remote control.
13 Apr. 1965
Bedloe's Most Fiendish Scheme
Homer Bedloe comes up with the perfect plan to get rid of the Cannonball Express. He forces the bank to ask for final payment on Kate's mortgage for the Shady Rest, which would mean there is no need for the train.
20 Apr. 1965
Bedloe Gets His Comeuppance
The Shady Rest is still at risk as Homer Bedloe is still pressuring the bank to collect the final payment for the mortgage. Kate and the others come up with a way to save the Shady Rest and the Cannonball Express.
27 Apr. 1965
The Mayor of Hooterville
Uncle Joe decides to run as the first mayor of Hooterville.
4 May 1965
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Jinx?
Lately it seems Uncle Joe can't do anything right, so everyone avoids him.
11 May 1965
The Chicken Killer
Betty Jo has to defend her dog when the county dog catcher claims the dog has been killing chickens on different farms.
18 May 1965
Why Girls Leave Home
Bobbie Jo has a chance to move to New York for singing lessons.
25 May 1965
There's No Stove Like an Old Stove
Uncle Joe plots to buy a new stove to replace the old wood-burning stove that Kate currently uses. The old stove requires Joe to constantly cut wood for the burning.
1 Jun. 1965
The Brontosaurus Caper
Betty Jo has a new love interest - her science teacher. She even gives up baseball to have more time to dream of him.
8 Jun. 1965
The Hairbrained Scheme
Uncle Joe's latest scheme is to sell goat milk as a cure for baldness.
15 Jun. 1965
There's No Business with Show Business
A man with more schemes than Uncle Joe visits the Shady Rest. The circus owner has run out of money for his troupe, and he plans a way for them to stay at the Shady Rest without paying.

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