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Season 2

16 Sep. 1964
The Green Eyed Monster
A new boy in town competes with Richard for Patty's affections. Patty's mom and dad take sides on which boy to give advice to.
23 Sep. 1964
Practice Makes Perfect
Patty takes up the tuba and practices incessantly, much to the chagrin of the rest of the family.
30 Sep. 1964
Simon Says
Patty writes an advice to the loverlorn column for the school newspaper. But most of her readers are not happy with her advice, especially Cathy.
7 Oct. 1964
Patty, the Organizer
Patty, with Cathy and Ross, organizes a union in order to get more benefits around the house. So Martin and Natalie decide to form a union of their own.
14 Oct. 1964
Patty, the Pioneer
In order to prove a point to her history teacher, Patty vows that she can live for one week like they did back in 1800.
21 Oct. 1964
The Boy Next Door
Patty and Cathy battle each other over their new next door neighbor.
28 Oct. 1964
Patty, the People's Voice
Patty and Cathy campaign for a family friend's run at a congressional seat. They are less enthusiastic when they disagree with his platform.
4 Nov. 1964
The Greatest Psychologist in the World
Patty gets invited to a college prom but her parents won't let her attend. Taking Cathy's advice, she decides to use a little psychology to get her way.
11 Nov. 1964
Patty and the Peace Corps
Patty feels the need for something more in life and decides to sign up for the Peace Corps.
18 Nov. 1964
How to Succeed in Romance
Cathy falls for the new boy at school, despite all of the advice given to her by the rest of the family.
25 Nov. 1964
Block That Statue
The school's football star has a huge crush on Cathy and she couldn't care less.
2 Dec. 1964
This Little Patty Went to Market
After some stocks that her father bought for her increases in value, Patty decides to sell stock in a new company: Patty Lane Inc.
9 Dec. 1964
The Best Date in Town
Patty is looking forward to the father-daughter dance but is disappointed when her father gets called away on a newspaper assignment.
16 Dec. 1964
Can Do Patty
While Cathy is considered the front runner for student of the year, Patty, acting on the advice of her father, decides to take on more responsibilities at school. Her actions increase her chances at becoming student of the year.
23 Dec. 1964
Hi, Society
Patty battles her arch rival Sue Ellen for the new boy at school.
30 Dec. 1964
Patty, the Witness
Patty believes that she has witnessed a crime and now she thinks that the mob is going rub her out.
6 Jan. 1965
Every Girl Should Be Married
Patty believes that her parents are trying to marry her off to a man she doesn't even know. Her only recourse is to act as unappealing as possible in order to discourage the marriage.
13 Jan. 1965
The Perfect Hostess
Patty and Cathy's cousin Betsy comes to stay with the Lanes on her vacation from boarding school. After a while, Patty begins to believe that Betsy is trying to come between her and Cathy.
20 Jan. 1965
Patty Meets a Celebrity
Cathy is chosen to show Sal Mineo around his old Brooklyn Heights High School, but Patty thinks the honor should go to her. Cathy relents and Patty gets a chance to act with Sal Mineo in a school play.
27 Jan. 1965
The Raffle
Patty decides to have a raffle to benefit the church bazaar. The prize? A date with Richard. But can Patty stand it if one of her rivals wins the prize?
3 Feb. 1965
Patty and the Newspaper Game
Martin thinks that he is being phased out as managing editor of the Chronicle, just as Patty falls for his presumed replacement.
10 Feb. 1965
Little Brother Is Watching You
Ross is expecting his usual surprise birthday party. But the family has other ideas.
17 Feb. 1965
Patty Pits Wits, Two Brits Hits
When Cathy is chosen to host a classical music program on a Brooklyn Heights radio station, Patty sees this as an opportunity to promote a new singing duo she has discovered.
24 Feb. 1965
It Takes a Heap of Livin'
After the Lane family discovers that their home played a part in the American Revolution, they learn that the local historical society wants to take over their house.
3 Mar. 1965
Will the Real Sammy Davis Please Hang Up?
After Patty's success at getting a star to appear at last year's school prom, she gets selected to do the same for this year's prom.
10 Mar. 1965
Don't Monkey with Mendel
Patty falls head-over-heels for her new science teacher, Greg Noble (Robert Goulet) - and her studying genetics of 19th century scientist Gregor Mendel only serves to convince her that their genes are a perfect match, and being Mrs. Greg Noble is her destiny.
17 Mar. 1965
Patty, the Practical Joker
Ross' pet frog accidentally finds its way into Patty's bed. This triggers a series of practical jokes that eventually involves the entire family, whether they deserve the practical joke treatment or not.
24 Mar. 1965
Patty the Master Builder
Patty mistakenly believes that Ross wishes to participate in a midget car race, so she dutifully proceeds, with Cathy's help, to build a car for Ross.
31 Mar. 1965
Patty and the Cut Rate Casanova
After Patty breaks a date with Richard, Cathy and Richard begin dating. This leads to some tension between the cousins, all the while Richard lets his newfound desirability go to his head.
7 Apr. 1965
The Daughter Bit
Martin begins to feel he is losing touch with his daughter Patty and would like to spend more time with her. When Patty agrees Martin begins to realize that he may be getting more than he bargained for.
14 Apr. 1965
Cathy, the Rebel
Cathy writes a letter critical of an editorial in her Uncle Martin's newspaper, not knowing that her uncle wrote the editorial. The resulting firestorm has Cathy worried about her future in the Lane household.
21 Apr. 1965
Patty the Folk Singer
Even though her father forbids it, Patty wants to be a folk singer at the local coffee house. And brings Richard along as her manager.
28 Apr. 1965
What's Cooking, Cousin?
Patty, because of her lack of cooking skills, fears that she is losing Richard to a rival. So Patty enlists Cathy to cook for her in order to get Richard back. But the plan backfires when Cathy is called away before she can prepare the meal.
5 May 1965
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Ross fears that he won't make the little league team, so the family takes it upon themselves to help Ross out.
12 May 1965
My Cousin the Heroine
Jealousy rears its ugly head when Patty craves the limelight shunned by Cathy, after she rescues a drowning boy.
19 May 1965
Patty, the Chatterbox
Patty's father bets her that she can't remain silent for 72 hours. Patty takes that bet but later regrets it when it interferes with her spot on the debate team.

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