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2 Oct. 1963
Covenant with Death
Soon after World War II, two former heroes of the Resistance stand trial for murder.
9 Oct. 1963
The Weakling
An American commando is sent to occupied France to contact the underground, but he's captured and suffers through horrific torture by the Nazis protecting what he believes to be a top military secret.
16 Oct. 1963
The Incurable One
Celeste, a Scandinavian aristocrat who has lost everything in the war, is trained as a killer and spy by an American officer in World War II. But, years after the war, he learns that killing has become a habit with her.
23 Oct. 1963
The Gentle Spies
An Aldermaston-type ban-the-bomb group is staging sit-in demonstrations around London, even on the steps of Whitehall. Worse, they keep releasing top secret documents in fliers and press releases, so a young agent is sent to infiltrate them to discover who their government source is.
30 Oct. 1963
He Rises on Sunday and We on Monday
During the First World War, Sir Roger Casement returns to Ireland to lead the Easter Rising.
6 Nov. 1963
To the Very End
A young American in France joins a trio of French anti-nuclear protesters in the kidnapping of Professor Moreau, an eminent scientist. But one of them has another agenda - a personal revenge on the Professor.
13 Nov. 1963
The Dragon Slayer
Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen is kidnapped in London and held prisoner.
20 Nov. 1963
The Whistling Shrimp
A journalist begins to suspect CIA involvement in the internal politics of a newly-emergent African nation.
4 Dec. 1963
The Light of a Friendly Star
A spy gets into the British embassy in West Germany. He manages to get some secrets, but to make good his escape, he reluctantly must kidnap the ambassador's 10 year old daughter.
11 Dec. 1963
Festival of Pawns
The beautiful Lina has defected to the West from East Germany. But is she a genuine refugee or a spy?
18 Dec. 1963
A Camel to Ride
A Catholic priest becomes embroiled in the politics of an Arab country, at a terrible cost.
1 Jan. 1964
Never Turn Your Back on a Friend
A multi-national commando team raid a Heavy Water plant in occupied Europe - and come away with the Chief Scientist...but which country will win the battle for the scientist's deadly knowledge...and will the team survive the sudden tensions the scientist brings??
15 Jan. 1964
Medal for a Turned Coat
A German officer arrives in wartime England to negotiate a peace settlement in the event of Hitler's being assassinated by his own High Command.
22 Jan. 1964
Final Decision
When Richard Carey is told by his doctor that he's going to die soon, his first reaction is to get drunk and stay drunk. But the mysterious Mr. Smith has another suggestion about what to do with the time he has left.
29 Jan. 1964
Do You Remember Leo Winters?
A onetime hero diver from World war Two is reactivated to do some underwater spying for MI5-against an American naval vessel anchored at Portsmouth. But is he reliable?
5 Feb. 1964
We the Hunted
An old man living in Spain seems likely to be be an escaped Nazi war criminal. Israeli agents arrive to investigate.
12 Feb. 1964
The Frantick Rebel
It's 1777, and a mysterious lady is in she spying for the American revolutionaries?? Dr Johnson and Boswell investigate, but always seem a couple of steps behind...
19 Feb. 1964
Castles in Spain
An aging onetime revolutionary war fighter returns to Spain to visit a fellow American friend, but complications arise when a badly wounded young man, hiding from the police, conceals himself in the American's car.
26 Feb. 1964
Snow on Mount Kama
As a British colony in Africa moves toward independence, the foreign office recommends the white citizens to leave. As some are plotting an insurrection against the incoming black president, we study the turmoil of a young government man who's father-in-law may be in on the plot.
4 Mar. 1964
Once a Spy...
A washed-up British spy, desperate for one last big chance to prove himself to his bosses, agrees to go on a secret mission in Africa - not knowing his chief wants him to fail.
11 Mar. 1964
The Liberators
An American mercenary is sent to a small Latin American country to rescue the famous revolutionary Escalon - but finds a different kind of man than the one he was expecting.
18 Mar. 1964
Some Other Kind of World
When an American jazz band does a cultural exchange performance in Russia, their self-important guitarist defies state department guidelines and goes out with a local girl, leading to arrest by the KGB and charges of spying.
21 Mar. 1964
A Free Agent
Boy spy meets girl spy; boy spy marries girl spy. But he's British, she's Russian. Can their marriage survive in neutral Switzerland?? Will their bosses allow them both to retire?? And is the marriage all it seems???
20 May 1964
A Tiny Drop of Poison
A rumor is deliberately spread to the effect that an American embassy official is "emotionally unstable".

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