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23 Sep. 1963
The Sinner
A prostitute battles the parents of her baby's father--a derelict--for custody of the child.
30 Sep. 1963
Age of Consent
Brock tries to help a young man when his girlfriend's father tries to break up their relationship by dragging the youngster into court.
7 Oct. 1963
You Can't Beat the System
Brock tries to help a Korean War veteran suffering from post-traumatic distress.
14 Oct. 1963
Something for the Girls
A wealthy young socialite, sentenced to community service due to a string of unpaid parking tickets, is assigned to do paperwork in Neil's office. She starts to lose some of her "superior" attitude when some of the neighborhood girls start coming to her for tips on how to keep their boyfriends.
21 Oct. 1963
I Before E Except After C
Brock and a committed teacher try to convince young Puerto Rican dropouts to go back to school by coming up with a progressive education program.
28 Oct. 1963
No Wings at All
The struggles of a couple trying to cope with an adult son who is mentally retarded.
4 Nov. 1963
Who Do You Kill?
A young African-American couple battle economic and social woes. Joe can only find menial jobs and to make ends meet Ruth works in a cheap bar. Then tragedy strikes their child.
11 Nov. 1963
Go Fight City Hall
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18 Nov. 1963
Not Bad for Openers
Brock is asked by the wife of a cab driver to intervene- he's an irresponsible gambling addict who found and kept some money left in his taxi by a fare. He's persuaded to return it but is suspended. Facing bills and a loan shark, he immediately goes out to find a fast buck game to make up for the loss.
2 Dec. 1963
No Hiding Place
An upwardly mobile black family moves into a previously all-white neighborhood in suburban Long Island, New York. Chuck and Anne Severson, who are Neil's friends, at first welcome them to the neighborhood, even though some of their friends and neighbors don't want the black family there. However, when local real estate agents start "blockbusting"--the practice of scaring white homeowners into selling their homes for less than they're worth by raising the prospect of more blacks moving into the neighborhood and lowering property values, then selling the homes at vastly...
9 Dec. 1963
Where's Harry
A Jewish businessman who can't put up with the vapid suburban life anymore goes back to the city tenement he grew up in, only to find that it's now occupied by a young black family.
23 Dec. 1963
Creeps Live Here
Neil's office tries to help a lonely old woman whose house is scheduled to be demolished by the city.

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