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Season 22

5 Jan. 1985
Attack of the Cybermen: Part One
The Cybermen plan on destroying Earth in order to prevent the destruction of their home world, Mondas. The Doctor also discovers the Cyber Controller is far from dead.
12 Jan. 1985
Attack of the Cybermen: Part Two
The Doctor is captured by the Cybermen and taken back to their home planet. There he discovers the source of the signal. Cyrons, original inhabitants of the Cybermen's world survive and they want the Cybermen gone. The Doctor learns the full extent of the Cybermen's plans. Not only are the Cyrons threatened but so too the very future of the human race. This is no war of conquest, but total destruction.
19 Jan. 1985
Vengeance on Varos: Part One
The TARDIS makes an emergency landing on Varos, a planet that used to be a penal colony, and where the native Varosians are presently entertained by broadcasts of real violence and death. Mistaken for rebels, the Doctor and Peri learn that Sil, an evil delegate of the Galatron mining corporation, bids to rule Varos and to control supplies of Zeiton 7 ore, which is the TARDIS's only fuel source.
26 Jan. 1985
Vengeance on Varos: Part Two
The Governor forces the Doctor to tell him the true value of zeiton-7 but Sil attempts to derail his plans by subjecting Peri and Areta to an enforced mutation.
2 Feb. 1985
The Mark of the Rani: Part One
In a 19th century mining village, a renegade Time Lady known as The Rani is draining brain fluid from local men, turning them savage and berserk. It is here The Master plans to coerce her help in his vengeance upon The Doctor while also establishing a power base for controlling Earth's future.
9 Feb. 1985
The Mark of the Rani: Part Two
The Master uses The Rani's mind-controlling parasites to keep a meeting of Earth's leading scientists from being canceled, and helps The Rani plant transformation land mines for The Doctor as he continues to propose an alliance with her in ruling over Earth.
16 Feb. 1985
The Two Doctors: Part One
The Time Lords have dispatched the Doctor (in his 2nd incarnation) along with Jamie to a space research station to see Dastari, the Director of Projects, about dissuading two of his scientists from further experimentations on time travel that are rattling the fabric of time. The Doctor is further alarmed over Dastari's latest genetic experiments, boosting the intelligence of a bestial and carnivorous humanoid race called the Androgum. This secondary concern soon proves the greater problem: the Androgum have sided with the Sontarans to take over the station. The ...
23 Feb. 1985
The Two Doctors: Part Two
With carnage and decay all about the space station, Doctor No. 6 and Peri continue to avoid the automated defense system trying to kill them, but there's also something alive lurking about with an eye on them as well. Evidence suggests the Time Lords are responsible for all this, but the Doctor refuses to believe it. He may be wrong, and he also fears a pinhole has been poked into the bubble that is the universe, with total and unstoppable annihilation to follow. Far away, Doctor No. 2 is about to be dissected by the Sontarans and the Androgum in order to find the ...
2 Mar. 1985
The Two Doctors: Part Three
Closing in on the goal of time travel, the Androgum and Sontarans get set to double-cross each other. With Peri and Jamie alternately in danger of winding up on the bill of fare, the decision is made to genetically transform Doctor No. 2 into an insatiably carnivorous Androgum, which causes Doctor No. 6 to develop a sudden taste for house cats as he races to not let this change become permanent.
9 Mar. 1985
Timelash: Part One
A time corridor, called Timelash, has been set up to punish dissidents on the planet Karfel, dumping them alive but permanently into Earth's early history. The TARDIS runs right into it, and the Doctor thereafter finds a society with advanced technology it shouldn't have along with an unnerving absence of reflective surfaces of any kind.
16 Mar. 1985
Timelash: Part Two
For his impending confrontation with the mysterious and cloistered Borad, dictator of Karfel, the Doctor takes kontrom crystals from the Timelash to build a 10-second time break device, not knowing of the Borad's mutation and breeding plans for Peri or the interplanetary war he's sparked with the Bandrils, who are on their way to destroy all mammalian life on Karfel.
23 Mar. 1985
Revelation of the Daleks: Part One
The Doctor and Peri arrive on the planet Necros to attend the funeral of scientist Professor Athur Stengos, only to discover Davros, the creator of the Daleks, has become "The Great Healer" who runs Tranquil Repose, a facility where the terminally ill are kept in suspended animation until a cure is found. They learn Davros has been turning all those in suspended animation into Daleks that are loyal to himself while making food from their dead bodies.
30 Mar. 1985
Revelation of the Daleks: Part Two
The Davros running Tranquil Repose has only been a figurehead - literally just a head, created and animated by Davros himself. Now, the real Davros wheels forth to face the Doctor, but his own immoral dealings have fostered an uneasy surrounding situation, riddled with treachery, that only a few might escape.

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