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I still remember some of the skits
blanche-226 September 2004
I'm wondering if this amazing show is out on DVD, because it couldn't possibly be as funny as I remember it. I was only a kid, but burned in my memory are images of Danny Kaye as "Fat Daddy" in a takeoff on "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" talking about eating some deep fat fried food cooked in some deep fat fried fat; as Ronald Colman in Lost Horizon saying over and over (in a very British accent) "But I must get back to civilization"); a Student Prince takeoff that had a song called "In Vienna" which was sung constantly.

Though it's not listed, I'm sure Nita Talbot took part in this show as well, and I seem to remember her and Danny Kaye doing something where they yelled "Everybody out of the pool!" A fabulous show from one of the all time great performers.
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Danny Kaye Was Never Better Than On This Show
Bob18 April 2005
I remember one skit that Kaye did on this show -- he played a long-haired classical piano maestro -- in full tux and tails -- sitting down majestically on his piano stool before a full orchestra --- majestically striking the keys of the grand piano in the intro of what we -- the presumed audience -- thought would be "Thaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1", but which ended up, instead, to be "In The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia". The studio audience roared. So did I. Long hair flailing about as he pounded on the keys. The orchestral musical accompaniment was worthy of any classical music concert hall or orchestra you have ever heard on NPR. This skit was a true "classic". No one does this kind of stuff any more. What a shame.
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Where do I get a DVD "The Danny Kaye TV Show"?
sszehr16 July 2005
I grew up on Danny Kaye movies & the show. I would love a DVD of the TV show. Is there any out there to purchase? Do you remember Fat Daddy ? ....what a hoot!!!

Just before he died I ran into him at a big hotel on Miami Beach. It was amazing I even recognized him, he had a golf hat on. So here I am this 20yr old woman back then acting like a nervous kid. I said, "Mr Kaye"? He said, "Yes" Then I rambled on about how much I enjoyed his movies . He shook my hand, said in a deep voice"What's your name young lady?" I told him , and floated back to my car. How silly someone can have that effect on you.. If it were the President I wouldn't have acted like that. Just show's how things from your childhood impact you.

Anyway does someone know also what were the BEST DANNY KAYE -MOVIES to buy? I only remember "The Inspector General".

Bye, SZ
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Old-School Entertainment
screenman3 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Danny Kaye was one of several of those multi-talented American light- entertainers who made a mark in the UK.

His thin face and flexible features, and slightly eccentric mop of curly hair made him instantly recognisable. Although not so successful as crooners like Bing Crosby or Perry Como; he was much more willing and able to clown it up than the conventional entertainers. He was like a one-man Morcambe & Wise, though his humour was never quite so anarchic in that essentially British way. He was less challenging, more predictable in the American fashion. But he was good, clean entertainment even so.

He didn't seem to stay very long, and I'm not sure why. Maybe he was too 'normal' for British tastes, which were developing and diversifying rapidly during the 1960's. Maybe he just got homesick, or could command for support and bigger paycheques back in the USA.

Whatever the case, he was gone - and in Britain, largely forgotten.
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