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Season 2

23 Sep. 1964
Episode #2.1
In the second season's opening episode, Danny greets singer/dancer Gwen Verdon and a group of collegiate musicians who call themselves, "The Rhythm Masters". The primary skit for the program concerns a spoof about a group of shy men. The musical highlight features Gwen Verdon singing and dancing 'Downtown'.
30 Sep. 1964
Episode #2.2
Comedian Phil Silvers and Singer Barbara McNair are Danny's guests. The central skit involves Danny and Phil recreating a typical program at an old burlesque theater. Barbara sings two songs. The program's closing segment is devoted to Danny's trip to Tokyo to visit the site of the 1964 Summer Olympic games and his interaction with a group of Japanese children.
7 Oct. 1964
Episode #2.3
Actress/Comedienne Imogene Coca and folk singing duo Joe and Eddie are Danny's guest. Danny and Imogene appear in a skit where a husband tries to find the perfect gift for his wife. The Kinderspiel Light Opera Company performs a musical spoof. Joe and Eddie sing "Lonesome Road".
14 Oct. 1964
Episode #2.4
Danny's guests are actress/dancer Mary Tyler Moore and football player turned singer Danny Cox. In one skit, Mary and Danny play a husband and wife who argue about their television viewing habits. In another Danny plays a Southern family patriarch concerned that a fop (Harvey Korman) is romantically interested in his beloved daughter (Mary). Mary is featured in a dance number and Danny Cox sings folk and pop songs.
21 Oct. 1964
Episode #2.5
Angela Lansbury and John Gary join Danny as his guests. The three appear in a spoof of Tennessee Williams' play, "The Night of the Iguana" with Angela featured as a woman used to having her way with men. Angela and Danny perform a song and dance routine and John lends his fine tenor voice to a pair of Irish-styled tunes.
28 Oct. 1964
Episode #2.6
Danny is joined by guest stars Jose Ferrer and Dorothy Collins. Danny and Jose are featured as adversaries in several sketches - the two men play rival job applicants for a position in a paper clip factory; later the two are opposing barristers trying a case of murder in London's Old Bailey. Dorothy's singing skills are on display in a musical feature based on the Little Red Riding Hood story.
4 Nov. 1964
Episode #2.7
Comedienne Lucille Ball and singer John Gary join Danny for this program. Skits include Lucy and Danny playing actors working for a rundown acting company where each thespian had to play six different roles in their production. In another skit, Danny and Lucy play a couple having to deal with an incompetent maid. The two comics perform a dance involving balloons.
11 Nov. 1964
Episode #2.8
Danny works with comic actor Howard Morris, ventriloquist Shari Lewis and her favorite foil, Lampchop. Danny and Howard are featured in two sketches, one where the two comics play Italian street singers and a second, a spy spoof with Danny playing debonair British secret agent James Pond who battles Howard, as Dr. Yes, a megalomaniac bent on world domination. Shari portrays a ballerina with Lambchop providing commentary.
18 Nov. 1964
Episode #2.9
Danny guests this week are singer Diahann Carroll, comic actor Don Knotts and the singing Clinger Sisters. Harvey Korman also joins the fun in several sketches. Danny plays a shoe salesman battling his natural shyness, an inept research assistant and, in appearance by the Kinderspiel Light Opera Company, as a prince.
25 Nov. 1964
Episode #2.10
Danny's guest for this evening is triple threat entertainer Gwen Verdon with Harvey Korman participating in several sketches. Danny and Gwen play squabbling spouses who battle over breakfast and the two are joined by Harvey in a musical sequence called "The Elopement". Gwen is featured singing "I Got Rhythm".
2 Dec. 1964
Episode #2.11
Danny is joined by actor Art Carney, singer Pearl Bailey and dancer Laurie Ichino. Danny and Art are paired in a pair of skits. In the first Danny is a terrified passenger in a carpool with Art at the wheel of their vehicle. They also appear in a lengthy skit called "Murder, Maestro, Murder". Pearl sings several songs by herself and is joined by Danny for a duet.
16 Dec. 1964
Episode #2.13
Danny's guests for this episode are comedienne Pat Carroll, actor Howard Morris and folk singers Joe and Eddie. Pat is featured in a parody of television documentaries where she plays a reporter interviewing German and British war heroes. Danny gets into hot water when his girlfriend takes him to meet her parents and they pressure the young man to marry their daughter.
23 Dec. 1964
Episode #2.14
In this Christmas-themed episode, Gwen Verdon and Jo Stafford join Danny, Harvey Korman and The Tony Charmoli Dancers. Skits include Danny and Gwen playing rejected dolls in a child's bedroom. Danny plays an old Italian tailor waiting for a phone call from his son who lives in the United States. Danny, Gwen and Harvey star in a spy spoof called, "The Spy Who Got Cold". Jo, Gwen and Danny sing several Christmas tunes.
30 Dec. 1964
Episode #2.15
Danny's guests are dancer/sketch actor Buddy Ebsen, comedienne Pat Carroll, sketch actor Howard Morris and The Earl Brown Singers. In one sketch Danny and Howard must deal with an obnoxious department store customer. Buddy and Danny appear in a Western tale involving a famous Indian scout. Danny and Buddy hoof to 'Bidin' My Time'
6 Jan. 1965
Episode #2.16
Danny is joined by actor Peter Falk and singer Dorothy Collins. Peter and Danny appear in a parody of the classroom drama "Mr. Novak". Danny plays a teacher who moonlights as a filling station attendant to make ends meet and is confronted by a father who can't understand why his child is doing poorly in school. Later Danny and Peter play notorious Mexican bandits in a Western spoof. Danny and Dorothy reminisce about the long-running music program "Your Hit Parade" in which Dorothy was a featured female soloist.
13 Jan. 1965
Episode #2.17
Danny is joined by actor Vincent Price, singer Diahann Carroll and series regular Harvey Korman. Danny plays a reluctant patient who takes his toothache to dentist Price for treatment. In another sketch, Danny plays both an Austrian prince and a lookalike handyman who switch positions much to the confusion of the prime minister and the country's commanding general.
20 Jan. 1965
Episode #2.18
Singer Nancy Wilson and comedienne Imogene Coca are Danny's guests for this episode. Imogene and Danny portray circus acrobats in one sketch. In another Danny is appalled when Imogene, playing his wife, brings home an expensive wig. Danny and the cast tell the story of "Cinderella" Russian-style. The show closes with Danny talking to a vivacious four-year-old girl.
3 Feb. 1965
Episode #2.20
Danny is joined by actor Fred Gwynne, singer John Gary and series semi-regulars Harvey Korman and Joyce Van Patten. Danny plays a novice Broadway actor who receives advice from a director on the downside of his career. In another sketch Danny, Fred and Joyce are hauled into night court to defend their actions in a restaurant fight.
10 Feb. 1965
Episode #2.21
Danny is joined by singer/dancer/actress Gwen Verdon and singer/actor Harve Presnell. The featured sketch, "Top Hat, White Tie and Green Socks", involves a theatrical diva who searches for her co-star for her next production and decides that Danny, playing an accident-prone delivery man, would be the perfect choice. In another skit, Gwen encourages husband Danny to demand a raise from his boss.
17 Feb. 1965
Episode #2.22
Danny is joined by singer/actress Elke Sommers, comedienne Pat Carroll and little dancer Laurie Ichiro. After opening the episode dancing with Laurie, Danny joins Elke in several folk song duets. Later Pat is featured in a series of vignettes playing a variety of push mothers-in-law. In the featured sketch, Danny plays a bashful shoe salesman who waits on the beautiful Elke.
24 Feb. 1965
Episode #2.23
Featured in this episode are actor Paul Ford and singer Shirley Bassey. Danny plays British secret service agent James Blond who does battle with megalomaniac Ringfinger, played by Ford. In another sketch, Paul plays a father who detests his son-in-law played by Danny. Shirley sings a duet with Danny and solos on "The Lady Is a Tramp".
3 Mar. 1965
Episode #2.24
Danny's guests include comedienne Imogene Coca, folk singing duo Joe and Eddie and four-year-old Virginia Paige Meyerlink. Danny and Imogene are featured in a skit about playing poker and another sketch imagining how famous authors William Shakespeare and Tennessew Williams might have scripted advertisements if they worked on Madison Avenue.
10 Mar. 1965
Episode #2.25
Danny is joined by singer/comic actor Jim Nabors and jazz pianist Oscar Peterson and his combo. Jim plays his TV sitcom character 'Gomer Pyle' who must deal with a Russian spy. He also plays a U.S. Marine recruit who interacts with a drill sergeant played by Danny. Danny spoofs Leonard Bernstein with his character as a famous Viennese orchestra conductor.
17 Mar. 1965
Episode #2.26
Danny celebrates St. Patrick's Day with special guests comedienne Imogene Coca and Italian opera tenor Enzo Stuarti. Imogene plays a woman who indulges in every health fad that comes along and a most unladylike Irish colleen who stumbles upon a leprechaun in a skit titled, "The Irish Traveller". Enzo Stuarti gets in the holiday spirit by singing "My Wild Irish Rose".

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