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20 Sep. 1963
Who Killed Holly Howard?
Model Holly Howard is found murdered, and the only clues seem to link a trio of wealthy Texans to her death.
27 Sep. 1963
Who Killed Mr. X?
A body turns up at a merry-go-round. There are no identifying papers on the body and the labels have been removed from the man's clothing. The few clues available point Burke toward an actress under exclusive contract to Flood, a rarely seen industrialist. Burke discovers a number of women are under such exclusive contracts. Then, the detective discovers the dead man was Flood himself. Burke must figure out who, among a number of suspects, committed the crime.
4 Oct. 1963
Who Killed Cable Roberts?
Cable Roberts, a legendary writer, documentary filmmaker, and hunter in the Hemingway mold, is found murdered in his study. There are three significant clues: he was killed with one of his own rifles, he was shot twice big game style, and his body was propped against a wall alongside his many hunting trophies.
11 Oct. 1963
Who Killed Harris Crown?
Burke's investigation of the murder of Harris Crown is complicated by the fact that Mrs. Crown is pregnant - and not by her husband.
18 Oct. 1963
Who Killed Julian Buck?
Julian Buck, one of America's most respected authors, is found strangled to death in his study. The manuscript for his latest novel is missing, but one curious item is found: what appears to be an extra rubber cap for the feet of his typewriter stand.
25 Oct. 1963
Who Killed Alex Debbs?
The publisher of a girlie magazine is murdered at one of his own key clubs.
1 Nov. 1963
Who Killed Sweet Betsy?
One of a set of identical sisters with odd personalities is poisoned with cyanide at the residence of a beach bum and Burke and Tilson uncover a family history of suspicious deaths involving a cast of quirky characters.
8 Nov. 1963
Who Killed Billy Jo?
A recording star is murdered. Was the killer his agent, his sister, his music arranger, or someone else?
15 Nov. 1963
Who Killed Wade Walker?
Wealthy Wade Walker is found dead after his plane blows up in mid-air.
29 Nov. 1963
Who Killed the Kind Doctor?
Dr. Eric Techman, a fashionable LA psychiatrist, telephones Burke to warn him of an impending murder by one of his patients -- his own. But Techman is gunned down before he can name the killer.
6 Dec. 1963
Who Killed Purity Mather?
Prior to her apparent murder, a practicing witch sends Amos a message predicting her murder with a list of five suspects from the occult arts.
13 Dec. 1963
Who Killed Cynthia Royal?
Burke has to search for a missing cat before he can find a killer.
20 Dec. 1963
Who Killed Eleanora Davis?
"Professor" Kingston runs a cheap sideshow in a traveling carnival; one of his exhibits is a supposedly genuine electric chair. The girl strapped to it is certainly dead.
27 Dec. 1963
Who Killed Beau Sparrow?
Burke is at a poolside party when he sees artist Beau Sparrow take a hard dive into a pool---a dive which kills him. Investigation shows the diving board's catapult was deliberately tampered with.

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