Pressure Point (1962) Poster

Plot Keywords

psychiatrist prison
sedition american nazi
nightmare african american
meat persecution
liver roasted chestnuts
manhattan new york city new york city
drunkenness terrorism
husband wife relationship framing story
home on the range heil hitler
dream parole hearing
food friend
telephone call apple
kiss family relationships
newspaper headline mein kampf
psychopath hate crime
wanting to kill father ice pick
breaking and entering photograph
harlem manhattan new york city selling apples
butcher shop lipstick
mother son relationship symbolism
madison square garden manhattan new york city murder
kindness slow motion scene
lie earth mover
humiliation father daughter relationship
butcher bill of rights
paint burning cross
child abuse christian
jewish told in flashback
paranoia violence
flashback within flashback jew
imaginary friend friendship
prison guard prejudice
blood 1940s
crucifixion flash forward
cruelty bare chested male
sadism voice over narration
prisoner german american bund
bedridden mother flashback
swastika newsreel footage
doctor patient relationship paintbrush
mirror jewish american
hallucination pipe
saloon year 1942
pyramid scheme bar
dysfunctional family side of beef
sadist race relations
newspaper denouement
apology hate
drink storm trooper
reference to hitler government
surrealism anti semitism
eyeglasses fear
freeze frame montage
campfire reference to franklin d roosevelt
german american vandalism
money racial slur
cafeteria armband
fear of death parole
cash register anger
alcoholic father death
tic tac toe sink
fantasy sequence racial prejudice
cigarette smoking split screen
first person narrative synagogue
world war two liar
drinking father son relationship
psychoanalysis star spangled banner
psychiatry death of father
independent film

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