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3 Jan. 1968
The Death Wagon
A trio of soldiers are transporting a prisoner across Shiloh property when they learn after a run in with Trampas it appears the prisoner has scarlet fever. Elizabeth and Holly Grainger find the prisoner stranded and inadvertently help him escape. The Graingers are concerned with contracting scarlet fever while Trampas helps two of the soldiers who have their own internal feud recapture the prisoner. However, Trampas is plagued with flashbacks of his own history with scarlet fever.
10 Jan. 1968
Clay tries to prevent a range war between the ranchers and homesteaders who are blocking their path to market. A hothead rancher hires a gunfighter on the sly who happens to be an old friend of Trampas who falls for a homesteader.
17 Jan. 1968
With Help from Ulysses
Trampas is sent on a trip followed by a couple days to visit a female friend. On the way he is asked by a dying prospector to find his niece who can only be found by birthmark on her leg. The result is trouble with his female friend.
24 Jan. 1968
The Gentle Tamers
Clay decides to take on three convicts on parole to test whether they can be rehabilitated at the urging of a prison warden. The three get off to a rocky start as they are obvious misfits with no experience and one has a bad attitude.
7 Feb. 1968
The Good-Hearted Badman
Elizabeth finds a man shot in the shoulder. Her and Clay return him to Shiloh but the hands are gone. The two plus Holly help the man recover but a bounty hunter arrives looking for his quarry as Elizabeth only sees the good in him.
14 Feb. 1968
The Hell Wind
Trampas, Stacey, and Elizabeth are transporting a bull back to Shiloh when they encounter a massive sand storm. They find a deserted homestead to take shelter in while waiting out the storm. While there others start showing up beginning with the Van Owens who are on vacation. Trampas recognizes her as as a crooked dealer from years back with a different name and her husband is the president of the local bank. When the bull knocks a hole in the wall, Trampas and Stacey discover $10,000 in gold coins and wonder who to trust.
21 Feb. 1968
The Crooked Path
Kiley Cheever's father, the sheriff, is fed up with his son's bratty behavior. After publicly humiliating him, Kiley decides to leave Texas and find his old friend Trampas and ask for a job at Shiloh. His personality trait of embellishing his abilities creates tension with the hands at Shiloh. Melissa, niece of the Graingers, visiting Shiloh takes a shine to Kiley while still seeing his flaws and letting him know it. An old hand, Charlie, who knows Kiley's dad takes a shine to Kiley but loses his job when Kiley lets him take the blame for starting a fire in the stable...
28 Feb. 1968
Stacey breaks his arm and injures a nerve in his shoulder during an accident with a girl friend. When his recovery is questionable, she abandons him due to family induced emotional constraints, putting Stacey into a deeper depression.
6 Mar. 1968
The Handy Man
A legal fight over a strip of land between Shiloh and the Bowden ranch turns nasty. The fight over cools when the Bowdens mistakenly believe Shiloh has hired a gunfighter but turns serious when they learn he is just a simply handy man.
13 Mar. 1968
The Decision
Sheriff Dan Porter leaves his job in Mason City to follow his wife Emily to Medicine Bow as she can't handle the pressure of his job. He signs on at Shiloh to learn ranching so he can start a ranch and new life with his wife.
20 Mar. 1968
While hunting a cougar, Trampas catches a sick and starving boy stealing his grub. The boy won't say anything other than his name is Seth. He helps Trampas and returns to Shiloh where he stays until they track down his shady uncle.
18 Sep. 1968
The Saddle Warmer
David Sutton takes a job at Shiloh to make up for the work Trampas can't do after being involved in Trampas breaking his leg. He has a hard time fitting in with the other hands while a girl he met earlier tracks him down to help her.
25 Sep. 1968
Silver Image
Photographer Dan Sheppard arriving at Shiloh to take pictures of western life finds a neighbor ranch is owned by an old girlfriend. She is in a tug of war between the an oil speculator and the local ranchers afraid of polluted water.
2 Oct. 1968
The Orchard
Tim Bradbury wants to recreate the cattle ranch he had in Texas and feels Clay Grainger owes him the help. His son Walt wants to farm instead while his son Mike who works at Shiloh puts the family in financial peril with his gambling.
9 Oct. 1968
Vision of Blindness
Elizabeth is blinded by a stagecoach accident. She is found by Ben Oakes who wanted to kill Trampas who had to miss the stage. Ben tries to help her home but becomes lost. After they are found, She is in love with the conflicted Ben.
16 Oct. 1968
The Wind of Outrage
The Virginian and Trampas are to meet a man on business near the Canadian border. They have to stay over at a remote hotel due to a storm where Trampas finds a woman who robbed him years ago and Metis rebels who are after her fiancé.
23 Oct. 1968
Image of an Outlaw
Shiloh hand Rafe Judson is mistaken for an outlaw as the two men look identical. When Rafe loses an option on a ranch due to a lack of funds, he decides to take advantage of the situation to rob a stagecoach without taking the blame.
30 Oct. 1968
The Heritage
The Shoshone girl Nai'Be returns to Medicine Bow from an eastern school as a young lady but conflicted on her future. Her childhood sweetheart Tza'Wuda is waiting for her as is a conflict with a rancher forcing her tribe to move its camp.
6 Nov. 1968
Ride to Misadventure
Shiloh and its neighbor's cattle herds are threaten by an outbreak of anthrax. A wounded man and woman wanting horses tell Clay the stage with a vaccine was robbed and they are chasing the outlaw gang so The Virginian and David join them.
13 Nov. 1968
The Storm Gate
Trampas receives an unfriendly reception when the tries to visit an old friend. Once he finally sees Jason, he learns not all is as it seems. They clash over the building of a dam in Nebraska after Trampas learns about an earlier dam.
27 Nov. 1968
Dark Corridor
The Virginian on a rare trip to visit a friend Jingo in a remote valley when he finds a woman unconscious. At Jingo's cabin she recovers from a fear induced catatonic state but with amnesia but thinks The Virginian is her lover.
4 Dec. 1968
The Mustangers
The Virginian and David are to pick up a herd of horses Shiloh needs for a cattle drive. The horses are stolen from the seller so they must catch and break a new herd but a conflict between a father and his son over his future intervenes.
11 Dec. 1968
Clay's old sweetheart Nora and her husband a Major in the Army stop at Shiloh. Nora tries to impress everyone with herself and her down to earth husband. She is willing to put others lives on the line to help her husband win a promotion.
18 Dec. 1968
Big Tiny
Trampas and David are sent to buy a bull at Durango for Shiloh. The Virginian vouches to Clay that Trampas can be relied on but it is David who finds himself in trouble. He agrees to be engaged to a woman he bumps into on the street.

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