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4 Jan. 1983
Episode dated 4 January 1983
Johnny reads staff psychic's predictions in response to tabloid predictions, Carl Reiner kills with fake Italian opera singing and his own tabloid celebrity story lies, Greg Louganis shows on videos of his dives preparing for 1984 Olympics.
4 Mar. 1983
Tim Conway, Maureen Murphy, Jodie Foster
Actor Tim Conway; Comic Maureen Murphy; Actress Jodie Foster.
18 Mar. 1983
Louis Gossett Jr., Argus Hamilton, Richard Kline
The comedy segment was "The Edge of Wetness" giving a soap opera narration to members of the audience. Louis Gossett Jr. talked about starting out in Brooklyn - he was chosen to act in professionally in a play while in school in Brooklyn. He studied pre-med at NYU on a basketball scholarship, but since he kept getting acting jobs afterward he stayed with it. He had been on The Tonight Show in New York City when he did music and comedy. Asked about his role in "An Officer and a Gentleman" he said he had been in the service. A clip from the film was shown. At Johnny's ...
28 Apr. 1983
Charles Nelson Reilly/Garry Shandling/Audrie J. Neenan
Johnny was wearing a tie made from the new garish carpet on the set. Charles Nelson Reilly came out with a Boutineer made from the carpet. He talked about the illness that forced him to cancel a previous appearance. He had an asthma attack - he said he gets them once every 15 years. He spent a week in the hospital. He talked about his new boat and how he had a breakdown when showing it off to friends. Next came the comedy segment: Johnny as "Consumer Supporter" David Howitzer. Gary Shandling then did a stand-up routine. It was Audrie J. Neenan's first appearance on "...
4 May 1983
Episode dated 4 May 1983
Harmon Baker is an 86 year old wrestling coach and magician.
5 May 1983
David Steinberg/Mary Frann/Emmanuel Lewis
David Steinberg discusses prison romances and cable soap operas; Mary Frann (Newhart (1982)); Emmanuel Lewis (Webster (1983)) talks about his career in commercials.
17 May 1983
Episode dated 17 May 1983
Albert Brooks discusses home repairs and demonstrates a conversational Speak and Spell toy; Brooke Shields (Happy Birthday, Bob! (1983)) talks about working with Bob Hope.
7 Jun. 1983
Christopher Reeve/Leonard Waxdeck & Bird Callers
Christopher Reeve (Superman III (1983)); Leonard J. Waxdeck presents his high school bird callers.
9 Jun. 1983
Richard Pryor/Rod Hull/Ally Sheedy
A presentation of how men would write romance novels; Richard Pryor (Superman III (1983)) says he got tired of waking up doing 90 on the freeway; Rod Hull and puppet Emu (The 1/2 Hour Comedy Hour (1983)) get laughs; Ally Sheedy (WarGames (1983)).
23 Jun. 1983
Lauren Bacall/Pete Fountain/Jim Fowler
Johnny teaches a class for actors in commercials. Lauren Bacall talks about touring with her musical "Woman of the Year" following its Broadway run; Pete Fountain performs with the NBC Orchestra; Jim Fowler presents wild animals.
22 Jul. 1983
Chevy Chase, David Sayh, Karin Salkin
The comedy segment was jokes people in one state tell about a neighboring state. Chevy Chase brought out a tennis racket and demonstrated a tennis serve. He then talked about his newborn daughter and the birth process. A clip from "National Lampoon's Vacation" was shown. David Sayh did a stand-up comedy routine. Karin Salkin has a public access TV show "Karen's Restaurant Review". She talked about the show and how she got it. She mentioned working as a magician's assistant that got cut in half. She also said her dress originally belonged to Cher.
7 Oct. 1983
Bob Newhart/James Stephens/Ronnie Porter
Bob Newhart (Newhart (1982)); James Stephens (The Paper Chase (1978)); Weleetka, Oklahoma police chief Ronnie Porter discusses his small town's lack of a reliable police car.
24 Nov. 1983
Robert Blake, Jim Carrey, Bud Greenspan
Thanksgiving Night show. The comedy segment was questions from the audience. Robert Blake made general comments about Thanksgiving. He talked about his hair, and how he started going gray at age 20. He currently was under contract to a studio, getting well paid, but they didn't give him any work. He also said he was thankful for a higher power giving some key guidance; relating how he almost got into a fight with someone teasing him at the gym, but an inner voice told him to back off. Jim Carrey made his first appearance on US television. He did a comedy segment of ...

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