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Season 1

17 Sep. 1962
Dear George, the Siamese Cat Is Missing
A distraught woman arrives at the Bulletin's offices late on a Saturday afternoon wanting to insert an advertisement in the Personal column - a coded message to the kidnappers of her husband.
24 Sep. 1962
All the Hard Young Men
When a young student is involved in apprehending a criminal, he finds himself at the center of a media circus - which puts his life in danger.
24 Sep. 1962
The Man on the Rim
A veteran reporter with a drink problem is determined to nail a crooked union leader.
8 Oct. 1962
Judgement in Jazz Alley
A disreputable lawyer implies that a famous judge is involved in corruption, and Nick must investigate.
15 Oct. 1962
Source of Information
Nick becomes very impressed with a dying woman.
22 Oct. 1962
Three Columns of Anger
When a soldier gets attacked in the street, the story proves to be more complicated than it appears to be.
5 Nov. 1962
A Servant in the House of My Party
Nick, covering his first political convention, gets involved in the campaigning of a veteran senator.
12 Nov. 1962
Daddy's Girl
Nick is required to write a routine profile of an up-and-coming actress. It proves anything but a routine assignment.
19 Nov. 1962
Luscious Lois
An old World War II plane is found in the desert, with the name "Luscious Lois" inscribed on its side. But who was - or is - she?
26 Nov. 1962
A Shame for the Diamond Wedding
About to celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary, an elderly couple announce plans for divorce.
24 Dec. 1962
A Night of Horns and Bells
It's New Year's Eve on a New York City newspaper, and a young and inexperienced reporter finds himself in charge of the skeleton crew at the city room with a group of misfit writers and oddballs--such as the pet columnist--who are suddenly forced to come together to get the night edition out.
31 Dec. 1962
A Taste of Evil
A cop-killer claims he was the victim of police brutality.
14 Jan. 1963
Slug It, Miss Joyous
Nick receives a call from a Beauty contest winner he dubbed "Miss Joyous" in a column years ago, sounding suicidal.He spends the day talking to her family and friends trying to locate her, and piecing together her life story. Meanwhile, she's had a falling out with her dangerous, married lover.
21 Jan. 1963
The Year Joan Crawford Won the Oscar
A famous entertainer inadvertently shoots a hotel bellhop during a drunken game. But when Nick investigates, he finds the bellhop reluctant to talk.
28 Jan. 1963
New Lead Berlin
A girl reporter goes to Berlin with an older man,a correspondent once famous for his exposé of the Nazis before World War Two. Now twenty years later, his still living associates apparently believe he betrayed them to the Gestapo and fled. Once highly impressed with him, her faith is shaken as she presses for the truth.
4 Feb. 1963
Ten Days for a Shirt Tail
Nick spends ten days in jail when he refuses to name his sources.

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