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6 Jun. 1969
Interlude in Venice
In Venice the Saint comes to the aid of Cathy Allardyce when she is found next to the dead body of the lustful Prince Ubaldo. Cathy's father was responsible for the death of the brother of the disreputable nightclub owner 'Foots' Fortunati,who is now out for revenge and, his first plan having failed,he abducts Cathy.The Saint sets out to rescue her and is taken at gunpoint to see Fortunati.
13 Jun. 1969
The Reluctant Revolution
The Saint is in the banana republic of San Pablo where a girl called Diane tries to shoot Victor Lawrence, principal advisor to President Alvarez. The Saint whisks her away from the police and she tells him that Lawrence is a fraudster, using an assumed name. He stole money from her father's business and her father was charged, dying in prison. The Saint and Diane join forces with the rebel cell trying to overthrow Alvarez, then the Saint goes to see the president and confronts him with Lawrence's real identity and the fact that he is an opportunist with no political ...
23 May 1969
The Helpful Pirate
On behalf of British Intelligence the Saint journeys to Hamburg to locate Professor Roeding, who disappeared whilst shopping for antiques there and after ringing his daughter to say that he was on the verge of making a fortune. Re-tracing the professor's steps the Saint is approached by Eva, a young lady who takes him for a night on the town and then spots a goblet in the window of a pawn-shop. She claims it is an antique and buys it. Breaking it into pieces she finds a message, allegedly written by a fifteenth century pirate, revealing the location of his treasure. ...
30 May 1969
Paper Chase
The Saint goes to East Germany to bring back defector Eric Redman, who is planning to trade a list of secret agents in return for the life of his father. However, on arrival, Eric finds that his father is already dead. Hanya, his father's assistant, Eric and the Saint must now make it back to the West with the list, pursued by the East German secret police force.
9 May 1969
Simon and Delilah
Temperamental film star Serena Harris is kidnapped at gunpoint from the set of a Biblical epic in which she is starring as Delilah in Rome. The Saint manages to locate where she is being held but, given her unpopularity, he has a wide number of suspects to choose from as the instigator of her abduction.
18 Apr. 1969
Legacy for the Saint
Having met his maker in an explosion in his car, retired villain Ed Brown shows a posthumous film to several rival gangsters which is also viewed by Brown's daughter Penny, previously innocent of her father's criminality, and the inevitable Saint. The film claims that Ed has deposited a million pounds in a Swiss bank and that whoever can match it can claim the money. A security van is to travel from the coast to London with a million pounds worth of gold bullion on board, making it the ideal target for the 'prize'. The Saint picks up the gauntlet but some of the other...
25 Apr. 1969
The Double Take
The Saint is hired by Greek millionaire Eugene Patroclos to locate the man who is impersonating him. However, when the Saint catches up with the impostor he is told that he is the real Patroclos and the man who originally hired the Saint is the fraud. Both men have secretaries called Annabel and the Saint must work out which of the two Annabels he trusts, to help him unravel the mystery.
5 Jan. 1969
Vendetta for the Saint: Part 1
Templar is having a drink at a bar in Naples when he witnesses a mêlée between two of the customers. It appears that one of them has mistaken the other for an old colleague. Templar's suspicions are raised the next morning when he reads in the newspapers that one of the men has been murdered. He begins to investigate only to find himself thrown into the world of the Sicilian Mafia, and that few people are willing to help him.
12 Jan. 1969
Vendetta for the Saint: Part 2
Having survived a bomb attempt on his life the Saint tells Gina that her uncle is a high-ranking Mafia member. He is, in fact, being chosen as a replacement for the dying Don Pasquali, the current Mafia head. Gina eventually believes him. The Saint goes to the family vault to find out what happened to the real Allessandro, but he is captured by the Mafia gang and taken to see Don Pasquali and his replacement. He has to think very fast to sow the seeds of discord into the minds of those present and bring the vendetta to an end.
19 Jan. 1969
The Ex-King of Diamonds
In the South of France the Saint becomes friends with Texan adventurer Rod Huston and the famous mathematician Henri Flambeau and his daughter Janine. They are all amazed at the luck that seems to follow Boris, the ex-king of Slavonia, at the card tables and Henri is convinced that such a run of wins can only mean one thing - the ex-king is a cheat. It soon becomes clear that he is trying to amass enough money to try and regain his throne. The Saint and Rod discover the factory where the king's specially marked cards are made and destroy them, whilst Henri takes the ...
2 May 1969
The Man Who Gambled with Life
The Saint is lured to a house in Cornwall by two attractive young sisters in which he meets their father, Keith Longman, an eccentric millionaire. He tells the Saint that he is dying and that he plans to have himself frozen in suspended animation until such time that a cure can be found for his illness. He also plans to use the Saint as a guinea pig in testing out the process. The Saint is not a willing victim and must work out how to escape.
16 May 1969
Portrait of Brenda
Alan Williams is found dead having rung the Saint for his assistance. Pop singer Diane Huntley, a friend of Alan's, takes the Saint to meet a guru who runs meditation sessions at a hefty price, and the Saint is convinced the guru is behind the murder. Diane tells the Saint that Alan had a younger sister Brenda, who also saw the guru and who committed suicide. Alan had painted a portrait of Brenda and in its frame are hidden various documents which will lead the Saint to avenge his friend's death.
9 Feb. 1969
The World Beater
The Saint is invited by George Hapgood, a designer of racing cars, to test drive his latest model, but the car has been sabotaged and crashes. George's cousin Justin then asks the Saint to drive his latest car, only for a mystery driver to force that car off the road as well. The Saint suspects business-woman Kay Collingwood as being involved, given that she seems close to Justin, but she claims that her main interest is in bugging devices, not cars. The Saint gets ready to drive George's car in a rally, unaware that it has once more been sabotaged.

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