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2 Jan. 1964
The Wonderful War
The ruler of a Middle Eastern country is killed in a coup and his young son Prince Karim is forced to flee, hiding out with British oil-workers who were loyal to his father. The Saint arrives in the country and, with a handful of Britons, special effects and explosions, concocts a 'wonderful war' to convince the usurpers that they are now under attack.
9 Jan. 1964
The Noble Sportsman
Lord Yearley, an arrogant aristocrat whose younger wife is two-timing him, is the subject of death threats. When a shot is fired at him and he is nearly killed, his daughter asks the Saint to intervene and find the culprit.
16 Jan. 1964
The Romantic Matron
In Buenos Aires the Saint meets an American called Beryl Carrington, whose car is bumped into by that of a charming local, Ramon, who has the damage repaired within the day. Ramon tells Beryl that he has a list of political dissidents out to topple the government in a brief-case which he wants her to smuggle out of the country. She entrusts it to the Saint but when two men attack him for it he suspects that Ramon may be using Beryl for reasons which are far from romantic.
23 Jan. 1964
The Saint's married friend Bill Harvey is the innocent 'mark' in a scam in which he is set up for blackmail by the seductive Luella, who gets him into a compromising position just in time to be snapped by a photographer and a man claiming to be Luella's husband. Bill is terrified that his less than understanding wife Doris will find out and asks the Saint for help. As a result Luella and her gang find themselves with another victim, though this one is more than ready for them.
30 Jan. 1964
The Lawless Lady
Countess Audrey is not only a glittering socialite but a ruthless jewel thief whose chauffeur robs the homes of her wealthy associates whilst she entertains them in her Mayfair house. Her master plan is to organize a cruise for several rich couples, whom she will drug and rob whilst they are at sea. She has recruited a new gang member for this plan. Unfortunately for her he is the Saint.
6 Feb. 1964
The Good Medicine
Denise Dumont heads one of the most successful beauty product firms in France and is a very rich woman. However, she has achieved this by stealing the ideas of her ex-husband,Philippe whom she exploited, taking the credit for herself. He is now broken and ill. The Saint decides that, with the help of Denise's former sister-in-law, he will teach this unfeeling woman a lesson and force her, unknowingly,to contribute to Philippe's welfare.
20 Feb. 1964
The High Fence
Chief Inspector Teal is investigating a spate of burglaries which seem to be linked by the presence of a criminal known as the High Fence, who uses the Cosy Corner cafe as his rendezvous. The Saint gets an actress friend, Gaby, to take a job as a waitress at the cafe to keep surveillance on its customers. At the same time Mr. Teal is singularly unimpressed by the performance of Inspector Pryor, who has allowed a suspect to die in custody and to whom the Saint adopts a very disparaging attitude.
27 Feb. 1964
On holiday in a Greek village, Simon takes time out from his sight seeing to settle accounts with a crook who is threatening the peace of the inhabitants with his bully-boy tactics.
5 Mar. 1964
The Gentle Ladies
In a quiet English village the Saint meets the elderly Warshed sisters who are pillars of the community. Nonetheless they are harboring a dark secret from their past which is exposing them to being blackmailed by one Alfred Powls. When the Saint discovers this he resolves to assist the three gentle ladies and find out the reason for the blackmail.
12 Mar. 1964
The Ever-Loving Spouse
Married businessman Otis Q. Fennick asks the Saint for his help. He has been set up for a compromising photograph with a scantily-dressed girl. Unbeknown to Otis this has been instigated by his wife Liane as grounds for divorce. Soon, however, the man who took the photograph is found murdered and both the Fennicks are, literally, in the frame along with other suspects who wanted the man dead. It is left to the Saint to solve the mystery.
19 Mar. 1964
The Saint Sees It Through
The Saint goes to Hamburg undercover to intercept a ring of art smugglers. The focus of the ring seems to be Tante Ada's night-club where the star vocalist, Lili, is an ex-girlfriend of the Saint. She is a patient of the sinister Dr. Zellermann, clearly a leading light in the gang. The good doctor pretends to befriend the Saint, aware that the Saint has recently broken into his office looking for clues. He traps the Saint by getting him to admit this fact whilst being overheard by the police and the Saint is consequently arrested.Time is running out for him to see it ...
8 Oct. 1964
The Miracle Tea Party
A man is murdered in a phone booth on Waterloo station while Simon Templar is making a call. But before his death he has managed to slip a mysterious package of "Miracle Tea" into the bag of a young nurse who works at the naval base at Portland. Now the Saint wants to know why.
15 Oct. 1964
Joan Wingate is convinced that her sister Lida is being blackmailed and asks the Saint for his help. They go to meet Lida at the Quarterdeck Club, but someone has murdered her.
22 Oct. 1964
In Paris, the Saint attends a reception for the dictatorial Oriental Stateswoman Madame Chen, who owns a priceless pearl necklace.He recognizes her personal assistant as Jeannine Roger, a lady who has, in the past, been a thief, although she assures the Saint that she has now reformed. An attempt is made to steal the pearls but the thief is a poor Chinese who wants to sell them to help his starving people and the Saint covers for him. Now the Saint has a dual task - to help this man and to thwart Jeannine, who, he is sure, is NOT a reformed character.
29 Oct. 1964
The Scorpion
Petty crook Long Harry is murdered after telling the Saint that he has been paid to steal documents for blackmail purposes by a villain known as the Scorpion. The Saint follows the blackmail victim to the Bird's Nest club where he is to make his payment but Patsy, the girl who accepts the money, is herself later attacked and crippled and the Saint is sent a package containing a large scorpion. Patsy sends a message to the Saint that she has a telephone number which will hopefully lead to the exposure of the Scorpion.
5 Nov. 1964
The Revolution Racket
In a South American republic the Saint meets an American couple, Doris and Sherm Inkler, whom he believes to be gun runners. However they tell him that they are hoping to swindle the Enriquez brothers, vicious would-be revolutionaries according to the local police chief, by selling them boxes of lead with only a few real guns for examination. The Saint agrees to help the Inklers pull off their deception in return for a third of the profits whilst, at the same time, wondering if they can be trusted.
13 Nov. 1964
The Saint Steps In
The Saint is approached by yet another damsel in distress, this time Madeline Gray who tells him that her father has invented a chemical called Process G, which she believes his business associate Hobart Quennel is out to steal. Quennel explains that the invention is worthless but the Saint is unconvinced particularly when Gray disappears and later Madeline is herself kidnapped, both by Quennel. With the help of Quennel's daughter the Saint goes to his house where he forces Quennel, at gunpoint, to admit that if Process G is manufactured he will be ruined. But one of ...
19 Nov. 1964
The Loving Brothers
In the Australian outback the Saint tricks two greedy and quarrelsome brothers into repaying their old father money that they have long owed him when he tempts them with the offer of shares in a silver mine.
26 Nov. 1964
The Man Who Liked Toys
The Saint helps Chief Inspector Teal find out why business-man Lewis Enstone willingly put a gun to his head and shot himself, given that, despite several complications in his life, he had no cause to feel suicidal. The one clue is his love of novelty toys.
3 Dec. 1964
The Death Penalty
Whilst in the South of France the Saint meets Laura Stride and her apparently respectable father, as well as crossing swords with Abdul Osman,a member of the local crime syndicate, the Latini, of which the boss, unbeknown to his daughter, is Stride himself. A power struggle begins between the two men to be head of the Latini, in the course of which Osman kidnaps Laura and holds her as a hostage on his yacht. Yet again it is a case of the Saint to the rescue as he goes to free Laura and ensures that the villains of the piece pay the death penalty.
10 Dec. 1964
The Imprudent Politician
Married politician Christopher Waites is being black-mailed over an extra-marital affair but his black-mailers do not seek money. They want access to an important speech which Waites is going to deliver to the Prime Minister. The Saint sets a trap, deliberately leaving the speech exposed, to flush out Waites' black-mailer.
17 Dec. 1964
The Hi-Jackers
The Saint is in Munich for the Oktoberfest when a friend of his, American Army Sergeant Henry Johns, is killed whilst trying to stop an armed robbery at his base. Unbeknown to him, Mathilde Baum, whom he believed to be his girl-friend, was actually part of the gang, using her friendship with him to gain insider information. Furthermore, she is now getting cosy with another American soldier, Sergeant Pargo, who was a friend of Johns. He teams up with the Saint to go after the hi-jackers and avenge their dead buddy.
24 Dec. 1964
The Unkind Philanthropist
In Puerto Rico the Saint meets a young woman called Tristan Brown, who is there to bestow funds upon needy people on behalf of the charity which employs her. She is trying to find someone help her allocate the money and considers Elmer Quire, who is well-known as a local philanthropist. However, the Saint finds out that Quire is a fraud and that in fact he is dishonest and greedy. Given that 'Tristan' is also a man's name the Saint pretends that he is Tristan Brown and approaches Quire with a plan that will fleece him of his ill-gotten gains and re-distribute them to ...
31 Dec. 1964
The Damsel in Distress
The Saint is approached by Italian restaurateur Domenick Naccaro and his family. Domenick's daughter Maria has had a baby by a fraudster called Rolfieri, who promised to marry her but fled the country back to Italy having embezzled vast sums of money. The Saint follows him to Florence along with Maria's brother Allessandro, and, under an alias, takes a job with him. Before long, however, the Saint's cover is blown and he finds himself - not for the first time - in a very perilous position, in a car with cut brakes hurtling down a hillside. He must escape if he is to ...

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