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19 Sep. 1963
The Fellow Traveller
Henry Matson is shot dead as he explains to the Saint that he has been made to steal blueprints of satellites from the factory where he works, though the factory owner ultimately tells the Saint that he has no knowledge of the thefts. However, as the Saint is driving away from the factory someone tries to force him off the road. The trail leads to a club frequented by Matson, the Blue Goose, and the glamorous hostess Magda Vanoff who warns him to be careful. He is next contacted by a man called Vashetti who says he can offer the Saint information as to Matson's killer...
26 Sep. 1963
Starring the Saint
A film is being made about the Saint and the producer Byron Ufferlitz wants him to play himself, to the annoyance of Orland Flane, the contracted leading man. When Ufferlitz is murdered Orland is the prime suspect but the Saint finds out that many of the cast and crew also had good reason to see him out of the way.
3 Oct. 1963
Judith Northwade approaches the Saint for his help. Her uncle, the ruthless tycoon Burt Northwade is planning to market a new production engine but Judith insists that he has stolen the design from her father, whom he envies for being able to have a child. She persuades the Saint to break into Burt's house and steal the plans for her, which he successfully does ,with the unlikely help of Burt's wife. However he is not convinced that Judith is all that she seems to be.
10 Oct. 1963
Whilst in Mexico the Saint agrees to accompany Teresa into the mountains to try and locate her husband, a man who was wanted by the police for an attempted political assassination. Here they are taken prisoner by El Rojo, the leader of the local rebels, who has a secret of his own - as a result of which Teresa will ultimately be reunited with her husband.
17 Oct. 1963
The Elusive Ellshaw
Having told the Saint that she has just seen her husband who is supposed to be abroad, Mrs. Ellshaw is murdered. She was once the secretary to Sir John Ripwell and, at a house party attended by the Saint,Sir John is also shot though not seriously.In the event of his death his business would go to his partner, Hugo Meyer and his property to his children Anne and Kenneth, but Kenneth seems to be under the influence of Sir John's secretary, Irelock. Then Kenneth also disappears. In order to rescue him and unmask the murderer the Saint must solve the identity of the ...
24 Oct. 1963
Film star Marcia Landon kills herself after somebody throws acid in her face. Starlet Claire Avery is asked to take over the role that Marcia was to have played in her forthcoming picture but then she receives a note telling her that she too will be disfigured unless she leaves £5000 in an envelope on the film set. The Saint must set a trap to find which of the people connected with the film has caused Marcia's death and is aiming to harm Claire.
31 Oct. 1963
The Work of Art
An Algerian rebel leader goes to Paris to sell forged American bearer bonds to help fund Algerian resistance to the French, but his go-between is killed and suspicion falls on a friend of the Saint. Going to his rescue the Saint discovers that the forgeries are the work of a master-counterfeiter who was supposed to have died some years earlier and sets out to find out where he is hiding with the plates that produced this 'work of art'.
7 Nov. 1963
Iris Lansing is a bad actress whose plays are financed by her criminal husband Rick who runs a protection racket and has caused the death of an elderly shop-keeper who has refused to pay him. Lansing receives a call from the Saint threatening to expose him unless he pays him a large sum of money though the Saint denies any part in it. Then a friend of the Saint, an actress called Mary who is also in Iris's play, tells him that her father is being blackmailed, allegedly by him.It is apparent to the Saint that his name is being used in vain. Whilst he hates Lansing he ...
14 Nov. 1963
The King of the Beggars
In Rome the Saint discovers that there is a protection racket targeting the local beggars who must relinquish part of their alms to a person known as the 'King of the Beggars'. A young actress, Theresa, has gone undercover as a beggar woman to try and find out the identity of the 'King' and the Saint joins her, also posing as a beggar. He is taken to a hostel run by a kindly American who is a friend of a philanthropic contessa. Staff at the hostel drug him and thugs kidnap Theresa. It is down to the Saint to escape and unmask the so-called king.
21 Nov. 1963
The Rough Diamonds
The Saint agrees to accompany Alan Uttershaw to the airport with a package of diamonds to be handed over to a security firm. However the real security men are killed and the diamonds handed to impostors. Suspicion falls on Gabriel Linnet, partner of the man to whom the diamonds were to be given, but he is murdered and a suit-case containing £100,000 found in his flat. The Saint overcomes the gangsters sent to subdue him and awaits a meeting with the real mastermind behind the robbery.
28 Nov. 1963
The Saint Plays with Fire
A journalist friend of the Saint is murdered whilst working undercover within the newly-revived British Nazi Party. The Saint links up with Lady Valerie who was employed by Kane Luker, the party leader, to lure the young writer to his death. Valerie is in possession of papers given her by the dead man with which she hopes to blackmail Luker but Luker and his followers seize her and the Saint, leaving them to perish in an 'accidental' fire. Can the Saint get them out of this very hot situation?
5 Dec. 1963
The Well Meaning Mayor
When George Hackett loses out to the well-connected Sam Purdell in the election of mayor of the town of Seatondean, Hackett is convinced that Purdell is corrupt, and, in the course of looking for proof to back his claim, he is murdered. The Saint, a friend of Sam's family, puts Purdell to the test by offering him a bribe which Purdell angrily refuses. The Saint is now sure that Purdell is in fact honest but being manipulated by another interested party, whom he manages to flush out for a showdown on top of a local building site.
12 Dec. 1963
The Sporting Chance
Whilst on a fishing trip in Canada the Saint encounters Professor Mueller. He is being forced to defect to the Russians with a satellite system he has invented in exchange for the release of his family, who are being held hostage. The professor is taken by a middle-man to a remote lake where a sea-plane, piloted by an agent called Netchideff, lands. Netchideff kills the middle-man and is about to leave with the professor but gives the Saint a 'sporting chance' to best him.
19 Dec. 1963
The Bunco Artists
When the elderly Mrs. Yarmouth is tricked into handing over church funds by a plausible confidence trickster - or 'bunco artist' - and his wife, the Saint and Mrs. Yarmouth's actress daughter set off in hot pursuit to confront the tricksters and stage a little pantomime of their own to fleece the wrong-doers of their ill-gotten gains and more.
26 Dec. 1963
The Benevolent Burglary
The Saint re-encounters a young friend, Bill Fulton, who loves and is loved by Meryl Vascoe, the sweet daughter of a smug millionaire who forbids her to marry a man with no prospects. Vascoe has an exquisite art collection and a state of the art security system but the Saint bets him that he will be robbed within the week. Assorted opportunists seem likely candidates to deflate Vascoe, including the Saint himself, who has been known to break the law in a good cause, but the ultimate identity of the benevolent burglar is surprising indeed.
13 Feb. 1963
The Invisible Millionaire
The Saint reads in a newspaper that wealthy businessman Marvin Chase was badly burnt in a car crash that killed his young assistant Bertram Tamblin. Nora Prescott, a friend of the Saint,works for Chase and is perplexed when he asks her to sell off some of his business interests. She approaches the Saint for his help but is murdered before she can explain further.The Saint assists the police investigating the murder and is surprised that Chase's head and hands are always bandaged. Chase's daughter Ellen confides in the Saint that there was something highly suspicious ...

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