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Season 2

19 Sep. 1963
The Fellow Traveller
Simon encounters drama in a bus shelter. It involves sudden death, sabotage and a very beautiful girl.
26 Sep. 1963
Starring the Saint
A film about Simon is being made and the producer wants him to play himself.
3 Oct. 1963
When a beautiful girl backs her car into Simon's roadster, he finds himself bumped into unexpected adventure and a cunning attempt at fraud.
10 Oct. 1963
Simon visits Mexico and plunges into an adventurous journey to help a proud and beautiful girl to solve the mystery of her husband's disappearance.
17 Oct. 1963
The Elusive Ellshaw
What is the connection between the strange behavior and killing of a cashier separated from her husband and the attempted murder of her former employer, a wealthy shipping magnate?
24 Oct. 1963
A beautiful film actress takes her own life after her face has been disfigured, and Simon steps in when her successor is threatened with a similar fate.
31 Oct. 1963
The Work of Art
Simon's visit to a girl friend in Paris results in his becoming involved in the murder of an O.A.S. undercover agent.
7 Nov. 1963
A racketeer and his beautiful actress wife are among those concerned in a scheme to involve Simon in an ingenious blackmailing plot.
14 Nov. 1963
The King of the Beggars
In Rome, Simon discovers a protection racket targeting the local beggars who must relinquish part of their alms to a person known as the king of the beggars.
21 Nov. 1963
The Rough Diamonds
A consignment of industrial diamonds is hi-jacked after its arrival in England, and the Saint plunges into a case full of unexpected twists and turns.
28 Nov. 1963
The Saint Plays with Fire
The Saint is after the leader of the British Nazi Party, following the convenient death of a journalist who intended to publish highly classified information about its members.
5 Dec. 1963
The Well Meaning Mayor
When a candidate for the Mayoral elections is conveniently out of the way, the Saint will try to expose the corruption by offering an irresistible bait.
12 Dec. 1963
The Sporting Chance
With his wife and daughter being used as leverage, the inventor of a satellite guidance system is coerced to defect to the Russians.
19 Dec. 1963
The Bunco Artists
The elderly Mrs. Yarmouth is tricked into handing over church funds by a plausible confidence trickster and his wife.
26 Dec. 1963
The Benevolent Burglary
After a £5000 wager with the wealthy owner of a burglar-proof art gallery, the Saint decides to give him a lesson for a good purpose.
2 Jan. 1964
The Wonderful War
Following the assassination of the esteemed monarch of Sayeda, the corrupt usurper and the discoverer of an immense oil field are after the young Prince and the land's oil treasure.
9 Jan. 1964
The Noble Sportsman
Lord Yearley, an arrogant aristocrat whose younger wife is two-timing him, is the subject of death threats. When a shot is fired at him and he is nearly killed, his daughter asks the Saint to intervene and find the culprit.
16 Jan. 1964
The Romantic Matron
A wealthy but gullible widow will seek adventure and romance in Argentina, instead, she will involve herself in the plans of the leader of an anti-government movement.
23 Jan. 1964
Simon meets up with an old friend who insists on painting the town red while his wife is away and becomes the victim of a blackmail plot.
30 Jan. 1964
The Lawless Lady
A penniless Countess poses as a charitable lady, but instead, she leads a ring of unstoppable jewel thieves with a flair for breaking and entering into the houses of her careless rich guests.
6 Feb. 1964
The Good Medicine
A ruthless career woman will take advantage of her husband's innovative formulas to build a cosmetics empire of her own.
13 Feb. 1963
The Invisible Millionaire
Incapacitated and with his face completely covered in bandages, a successful factory owner proceeds to an unusual liquidation of his shareholdings.
20 Feb. 1964
The High Fence
After a successful burglary in the house of his actress friend, the Saint is after an elusive, big-time fence whose identity is still unknown.
27 Feb. 1964
While on holiday in a Greek village, Simon must settle accounts with a crook who is threatening the peace of local inhabitants.
5 Mar. 1964
The Gentle Ladies
They are three charming ladies - not so young but not too old. What is the secret they dread the world will discover when a blackmailer descends on them?
12 Mar. 1964
The Ever-Loving Spouse
Simon visits a San Francisco hotel and steps into a blackmailing frame-up which leads to murder.
19 Mar. 1964
The Saint Sees It Through
Simon is asked to help break one of the biggest international art smuggling rings in history, and finds that a former girl friend is closely involved.

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