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Season 3

19 Oct. 1987
Crime Games
A gang of hoods plan to frame George for a robbery at Spacely's warehouse.
21 Oct. 1987
ASTROnomical I.Q.
Elroy's latest invention turns Astro into a super-genius.
23 Oct. 1987
9 to 5 to 9
Desperate to win the affections of the new hunk at school, Judy gets a job (three of them actually) in order to buy her own car.
27 Oct. 1987
Invisibly Yours, George
Spacely's nephew develops a spot removal spray that accidentally turns George invisible.
29 Oct. 1987
Father/Daughter Dance
Judy dreads having to dance with her father at an upcoming school event.
2 Nov. 1987
Clean as a Hound's Tooth
A mix-up at the dentist office gives George dog teeth with a mind of their own.
4 Nov. 1987
Wedding Bells for Rosey
Under a strange new law, Mac has to marry another robot or face deactivation. Rosie reluctantly steps up to the task.
6 Nov. 1987
The Odd Pod
Jane's new plant almost eats the family out of house and home, literally.
10 Nov. 1987
Two Many Georges
George has himself cloned so he can enjoy his vacation and help his family with their plans at the same time. Things don't quite turn out as he expected, however when the clone George proves to be his intellectual superior.
12 Nov. 1987
Spacely for a Day
George is chosen to be Mr. Spacely's replacement while he's on vacation, and nearly runs them out of business.

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