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Alternate Versions

When the show was released on DVD in 2004, the 1962 episodes had the original opening theme music, the "Stop this crazy thing!" end credits scene and the laugh tracks all restored. However, the episodes also retained the title cards from the 1985 reruns.
The episode "Uniblab" was released on video under the name "Microchip Chump"
The episode "Private Property" was released to video under the name "No Space For Sprockets"
The original 1962-63 episodes were broadcast with a laugh track. When production resumed in 1985, the laugh track was removed for further syndication.
When new episodes of the series went into production in 1985, the original closing credits sequence of George coming home and getting stuck on the dog walker ("Jane! Stop this crazy thing!") were removed from the orginal 24 episodes and replaced with a standardized end credits sequence (featuring no animation, but static images like most other 80s Hanna-Barbera cartoon closing credits). This credits sequence features all of the credits from the original 1962 episodes, as well as the first season of the new 1985 episodes, all lumped together (unlike what H-B did to _"Flintstones, The" (1960)_--see the alternate versions listing for that series--these credits are not technically incorrect). The new 1987-88 syndication season features different credits (but the same basic credits *sequence*) as the 1985 version. In 1995, Turner started broadcasting and distributing prints that retained the original "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!" end titles.
When broadcast in syndication starting in 1985, the original opening to the series was rescored with a more modern version of the "Meet George Jetson" theme. All the episodes (new and old) were also shown with opening title cards, although the original 1962 episodes did not have them.
In the newly released DVD of the first season, several scenes cut from syndication were restored into the episodes, making them complete. Among the cut scenes: In "A Date With Jet Screamer", there's a scene of the family at dinner. They unanimously decide on pizza so just as Jane programs it into the computer, the pizza goes flying around the room. Elroy manages to take a bite out of it before it lands on the table. In "Elroy's TV Show", there's a scene of Judy hoping to get a guest appearence on Elroy's show so she becomes overly nice to him, but he still denies her.
"Elroy's Mob" includes a lot of extra dialogue restored on the DVD version. Including some scenes not included in the TV version, such as Jane serving coffee to Mugsy Megatron and his mob, and Astro playing cherades with the police desk sergenant, plus a sketch artist draws as Astro speaks, but accidentally sketches the desk sergeant. And, Mugsy, Microbe and Chuckles being carted off to jail.

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