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28 Oct. 1962
Planet 46
A spacecraft carrying an atomic device much more powerful than a hydrogen bomb approaches Earth. The World Space Patrol sends Fireball XL-5, piloted by Steve Zodiac, to intercept. It turns out the spacecraft is manned and is carrying out a suicide mission. Zodiac destroys the spacecraft and is instructed to travel to the craft's source -- Planet 46.
4 Nov. 1962
The Doomed Planet
While dodging a runaway planet out of its orbit, the crew of Fireball XL5 discovers it is on a crash course to the planet Membrono. Assuming the planet is deserted before the crash, Steve discovers after seeing a flying saucer that this planet needs help to avoid the fatal impact...
11 Nov. 1962
Space Immigrants
A duo of wacky aliens, the Lilispatians, captures the commander of XL-7 for hostage to trap the upcoming "Mayflower 3" immigrant spaceship, in order to turn the occupants into slaves for their planet.
18 Nov. 1962
Plant Man from Space
The evil Dr.Rootes provoke an incident at Space City Power Plant in order that an alien space ship bring a plant seed which invades the planet. Steve, Venus and Matt must accompany Dr.Rootes to Planet Hedra in order to get an antidote to this sudden vegetal invasion...
25 Nov. 1962
Spy in Space
A rogue spaceship wrecks the Space City patrol rockets including XL9. Steve, Venus and Professor Matic comes to this spaceship, to discover a couple of weird criminals, Boris and Griselda, known as "Space Spy", who attempts to steal XL5 from them
2 Dec. 1962
The Sun Temple
Unsatisfied with the destruction of meteorites around their planet, the evil Rejuscans use their planet's Sun to destroy the missiles. Once Fireball XL-5 Jr. comes to the planet to see what's going on, the aliens abduct Venus and put her for their next sacrifice to their Sun rays...
9 Dec. 1962
XL5 to H20
An amphibian alien tries to kill the survivors of a water planet. As they received the call for help, Steve, Venus and Professor Matic comes to their rescue.
16 Dec. 1962
Space Pirates
While babysitting Commander Zero's son, Venus tells him the story of some Space Pirates, who are living in a desert planet, stole some water from Space City, and also abducted Steve for ransom to get more water.
30 Dec. 1962
Space Pen
Space gangsters rob Steve's apartment and the isotope warehouse in Space City. Steve, Venus and Professor Matic must go to the Pen Planet to deal with them, but they might be up for a deadly surprise.

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