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23 Sep. 1962
Operation Kowana
Thanks to a misunderstanding in language, a Kowanan native believes he's won the Appleby in a poker game.
30 Sep. 1962
Operation: Model 'T'
After St. John accidentally ruins a French Caledonian doctor's Model T while repairing it, the Appleby crew disassembles it to transport it on the ship and reassemble and sell it in San Francisco.
7 Oct. 1962
Operation: Daddy
Just as he's needed to type multiple reports, expectant father Seaman White is diverted from his trip home to Omaha by a series of military mishaps into a trip around the world.
14 Oct. 1962
Operation: Benefit
Trying to raise funds to sponsor all the girls in a Korean orphanage, the crew of the Appleby puts on a talent show.
21 Oct. 1962
Operation: Jinx
When a sailor with a reputation of being a jinx is assigned to the Appleby, things begin to go wrong for the rest of the crew.
28 Oct. 1962
Operation Holdout
17 years after the end of WWII there are still soldiers stuck on an island that don't know the war has ended.
11 Nov. 1962
Operation: Birthday
The crew wants to buy a watch for Chief Nelson as a birthday gift but they don't have enough money. O'Toole devises a plan to get the money from Nelson in a poker game.
11 Nov. 1962
Operation: Dinner Party
St. John loses the money he was entrusted with for the officer's dinner party.
17 Oct. 1962
Operation: Mess
Cook suddenly can't fix anything that the crew can eat, creating turmoil on the Appleby. O'Toole is determined to find the reason for the change and get things back to normal.
25 Nov. 1962
Operation: Impersonation
When Stoner is imprisoned after a drunk driving incident, O'Toole has to impersonate the Captain to free him.
2 Dec. 1962
Operation: Hypnosis
When O'Toole hypnotizes St. John into becoming a by-the-book officer and the Chief into hating gambling, chaos ensues.
9 Dec. 1962
Operation Potomac
O'Toole begins receiving gifts from a secret admirer and in the beginning he's flattered. But the delivery of red dress makes him realize that the mystery man believes he is female.
16 Dec. 1962
Operation: Gaslight
Ensign Clifford Bender, a Congressman's son, arrives fresh from Annapolis and upsets the crew. He fills a notebook with infractions and is determined to find and shut down an on-board crap game.
23 Dec. 1962
Operation: Brooklyn
O'Toole must get Seaman Di Julio, who promised his parents he'd return to Brooklyn and run the family restaurant, to re-enlist in the navy. His plan: invite Papa Di Julio onboard the ship to see how indispensable his son is.
30 Dec. 1962
Operation: Swindle
Chief Nelson is in love and hearing wedding bells, so much so that he fails to realize he's being conned by his Southern sweetheart.

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