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Rose to #1 in the ratings faster than any other show within the first three weeks since its debut. This is a feat that is still unmatched to this day. It remained #1 for two years. The eight episodes that aired following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are the most watched half-hour shows in television history.
The Beverly Hillbillies (1962)'s pilot episode release date debut of _"The Beverly Hillbillies" (1962) {The Clampetts Strike Oil (#1.1)_, was also actress Donna Douglas's 29th birthday, coincidentally. Donna Douglas' popularity and fame rose with her role of "Elly May Clampett".
The 1971 cancellation of the series, by Fred Silverman resulted from CBS' desire to erase its image as a "rural network." In the process, other rural shows (including Green Acres (1965) and Petticoat Junction (1963)) were canceled as well. The general feeling was that "CBS canceled every show with a tree in it".
Buddy Ebsen was offered the role of Jed Clampett on the strength of his playing a similar role in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).
The entire first season (all 36 episodes) as well as the first 19 episodes of the second season are the only episodes in the public domain. The 20th episode of the second season to the end of the series are still under copyright protection. These 55 episodes ended up in the public domain because CBS, having bought the rights to the series shortly after its cancellation, neglected to renew their copyrights. As a result, these episodes have been unofficially released on home video and DVD on many low-budget labels. In many video prints of the public domain episodes, the original and much-loved theme music has been replaced by generic music due to copyright issues.
John Wayne made a cameo appearance on The Beverly Hillbillies (1962) {The Indians Are Coming (#5.20)}_, Wednesday, February 1st, 1967, to be exact, when asked how he wanted to be paid, he is quoted as saying: "Give me a fifth of bourbon - that'll square it."
The show's opening theme song, sang by Jerry Scoggins, was #44 on the charts in 1962. Jerry's first name appears as Jethro Scoggins during the closing credits.
Veteran character actress and voice artist Bea Benaderet was originally considered for the role of Granny. Revisions in the character were made so that she would be more like "Mammy Yokum" in Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" cartoon strip. Benaderet was too large and "busty" to fit that image. It was reportedly Benaderet herself who suggested Irene Ryan for the role, who by all accounts came in and "blew everyone away" with a wonderful screen test, which still survives today and is included as an extra on the DVD set.
The mansion in Beverly Hills where the Clampetts lived was actually the Kirkeby mansion in Bel Air.
Series creator Paul Henning got the idea for the show while on a trip through the South in 1959, visiting Civil War sites with his mother-in-law. He wondered what it would be like to take someone from the rural South in the Civil War era and put them down in the middle of a modern, sophisticated community. Originally it was to have been set in New York, but because of cost considerations the setting was changed to Beverly Hills.
Jed Clampett's late wife's name was Rose Ellen.
Buddy Ebsen had seriously considered retiring from show business just before production began on the pilot in December 1961.
During the early years of the show, rumors persisted that Irene Ryan was actually younger than Donna Douglas, but wore extensive makeup as Granny. Ryan was born in 1902 and Douglas was born in 1933. Ryan was 31 years older than Douglas. Buddy Ebsen joked after the "Hillbillies" had ended how could anyone could believe such a thing.
As of Monday, June 13th, 2011, The Beverley Hillibillies had 13 episodes that were ranked in the Top 100 Nielsen Rated Shows of all time according to web site Zap2it.com.
Just before the fourth season got underway, Mrs. Kirkeby apparently broke the agreement her late husband had made with Filmways Productions because the mansion's address was leaked. It caused an endless stream of tourists to come to the mansion, looking for Jed and Granny. Filmways was not allowed to film the mansion's exterior or any long shots of the mansion grounds after that.
Louis Nye, he had character role "Sonny", Mrs. Drysdale's son, was only eight years younger than Harriet E. MacGibbon, the actress that played "Mrs. Drysdale".
The Clampetts' bloodhound name was Duke.
Jed Clampett was originally written as an extremely naive hick, but Buddy Ebsen would only agree to take the role if it was re-written to make Jed smarter. The character of Jethro was written as someone to give all of the to speak all the "dumb" Jed lines.
The Clampett's truck was a 1921 Oldsmobile. It was lent by Cousin Pearl when the family moved to California.
Sonny's real name was Adonis.
Sonny was Margaret Drysdale's son from a previous marriage. His actual last name was never revealed and he was always known as Sonny Drysdale.
At the end of the opening credits you can see Jed start to point out something to the others towards camera left. In the network broadcasts, the camera changes to show that Jed is pointing to a billboard for Kellogg's Corn Flakes, the sponsor of the show. As the car drives past it, the theme song continues, changing to the then current slogan "K-E-Double L-O-Double Good. Kellogg's best to you".
On Wednesday, June 29th, 1966 the Dutch broadcasting station NCRV aired what they claimed to be the last episode. With the absence of the Internet, facts like these were hard to verify by the viewers. From 1973 to 1974 the NCRV aired the unaired episodes in the Netherlands.
As well as serving as animal trainer, Frank Inn actually provided the animals used on the show as Elly May's "critters".
In the first season, Max Baer Jr. occasionally played Jethro's twin sister, Jethrine. Linda Henning, daughter of series creator Paul Henning, provided Jethrine Bodine's voice.
Milburn Drysdale's bank was the fictitious Commerce Bank of Beverly Hills, no doubt borrowed from the actual Commerce Bank in Kansas City, Missouri, contiguously located next to Independence, Missouri which was Paul Henning's childhood home.
The mansion is located at 750 Bel Air Drive in Los Angeles. It used to contain a swimming pool in the back right of the lot, but the pool and surroundings have been razed.
An agreement was made between Filmways Productions and Arnold Kirkeby to film the exterior of the Kirkeby mansion. The agreement stipulated that the grounds had to be cleaned up after filming, and the address of the Kirkeby mansion was never to be divulged to the public.
The names of Elly May's two pet chimpanzees were Skipper and Bessie.
Jethro's father's name was Fred Bodine.
Margaret Drysdale's father's name is Lowell Fahrquar.

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