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6 Mar. 1968
The Soap Opera
Granny confuses a soap opera with real life and decides her doctoring can save Dr. Rex Goodbody from a terminal illness.
9 Oct. 1968
War of the Roses
The Clampetts fly to London to give the Queen the deed to Canada they purchased. Waiting for an appointment with the Queen they stay at Clampett castle, where Granny is thinks they are at war with a neighboring castle.
23 Oct. 1968
The Ghost of Clampett Castle
In an attempt to get the Clampetts to move back to California, Mr. Drysdale tells Granny about the spirit of Lady Clementine. Her husband was murdered in the Clampett castle. Lady Clementine's ghost is going to return to seek revenge on the person who killed her husband; her little old grandmother.
31 Oct. 1968
Granny Goes to Hooterville
After the Clampetts return from London, Granny gets a letter from Hooterville asking her to help with Betty's Jo Elliot's baby.
6 Nov. 1968
The Italian Cook
When Granny is away in Hooterville, Jethro hires a gorgeous Italian cook who speaks no English.
13 Nov. 1968
The Great Cook-Off
Granny and the Italian chef compete to see who will cook for the family.
20 Nov. 1968
Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs
Jethro and Elly dress up in Bonnie and Clyde costumes and end up scaring Mr. Drysdale; to get back at them, Mr. Drysdale dresses up as a bank robber but gets caught.
27 Nov. 1968
The Thanksgiving Story
The Clampetts spend Thanksgiving in Hooterville.
4 Dec. 1968
The Courtship of Homer Noodleman
Mr. Drysdale casts Dash Riprock as Homer Noodleman, a potential new lover for Elly May.
11 Dec. 1968
The Hot Rod Truck
Jethro wants a new identity with replacement of their old truck with a modern hot rod. Granny wants to stay with the old truck. To prove how good the old truck is Granny races Jethro in his hot rod.
25 Dec. 1968
Christmas in Hooterville
The Clampetts return to Hooterville to celebrate Christmas. Mr. Drysdale, convinced that Mr. Clampett intends to move all of his money to Mr. Drucker's bank, drives to Hooterville to stop him.

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