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23 Feb. 1966
The Great Jethro
A shady magician sells his wares to the gullible Jethro.
30 Mar. 1966
The Beautiful Maid
Drysdale, at first irate that beautiful actress Bergstrom is kept on an expensive stipend without making a film, is smitten at first sight and so places the actress in the Clampett home to learn backwoods accents and ways for a movie.
21 Sep. 1966
The Soup Contest
Granny despairs of Elly Mae ever finding a husband and decides to promote her non-existent cooking skills. She is entered into a TV show cook off but nothing she fixes is edible.
28 Sep. 1966
Jethro Takes Love Lessons
Jethro is in love with Susie, the carhop waitress at the local drive-in, but Susie keeps rejecting his advances. Jed advises a dejected Jethro to take dating advice from Dash Riprock, the movie star/playboy neighbor to the Clampetts. Dash advises Jethro to buy a convertible, invite Susie to go on a double date with Elly Mae and him, and even lets Jethro use his bachelor pad. Despite Dash's efforts, Jethro still can't get past his hillbilly ways to Susie's heart.
19 Oct. 1966
The Gorilla
Jethro is chopping wood while a chimpanzee named May Bell watches. He wishes that he could teach May Bell to chop wood. When Elly May comes by, she and Jethro talk and decide that they want a gorilla.
9 Nov. 1966
Clampett Cha Cha Cha
Granny wins free lessons from a supposedly acclaimed dance school.
16 Nov. 1966
Jed Joins the Board
Jed takes a job on the board of directors of O.K. Oil Company.
30 Nov. 1966
The Gloria Swanson Story
Gloria Swanson and Drysdale are doing some business which involves her selling her house and some of her possessions and donating the proceeds to charity and she's moving East. When the Clampetts read about her moving away,Jethro who heard a story that she's auctioning of her things think that she's broke and that she's being forced to sell her possessions Granny being a big fan is heart broken. They go to see her and try to life up her spirits by saying they like her movies and that they're still being shown in their hometown. Jed decides to ask Chapman to make a ...
7 Dec. 1966
The Woodchucks
Jethro is so desperate to meet a woman that when Miss Hathaway's bird watching group arrives, he goes out of his way to try to impress the women.
21 Dec. 1966
The Christmas Present
In order to buy Mrs. Drysdale a special Christmas present, the Clampetts take seasonal jobs in a department store.
28 Dec. 1966
The Flying Saucer
Granny discovers Martians next door at the Drysdale mansion.

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