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13 Jan. 1965
The Movie Starlet
A young actress becomes interested in Jethro when she finds out Jed owns a movie studio.
3 Mar. 1965
Double Naught Jethro
Jethro sees a James Bond movie. Naturally he's very impressed & decides that this is his new calling in life. So he commissions himself double naught 10. And of course he needs a spy car like Bond has, he tricks out the family truck with smoke screen machine, a single barrel shotgun that fires from the back of his vehicle in case he is being pursued by the bad guys, and the topper - an iron canopy that completely fits over his head. Just one problem that Uncle Jed points out, Jethro neglected to put in a window in the canopy so he can see where he is going. All in all...
24 Mar. 1965
Brewster's Honeymoon
John Brewster, the oilman from Tulsa, is bringing his new bride to California for their honeymoon. Somehow the Clampetts get the idea that their backyard rustic cabin is the ideal place for the Brewsters to stay.
21 Apr. 1965
Big Daddy, Jed
Unbeknownst to Mr. Drysdale, beatnik Sheldon Epps pays another visit to the Clampetts, recruiting Jethro and Elly Mae.
5 May 1965
The Big Bank Battle
A rival bank recruits Jed.
15 Sep. 1965
Admiral Jed Clampett
Mr. Drysdale tries to get Jed to buy a yacht and join the yacht club. As usual, a misunderstanding takes place, and the Navy gets involved.
22 Sep. 1965
That Old Black Magic
Granny confuses Mrs. Drysdale's forays into astrology with the practice of black magic. An intended gift for Ellie Mae from Mr. Drysdale only adds to the confusion.
6 Oct. 1965
The Private Eye
Jethro, hearing that "Double-Naught Seven" is in the West Indies (a reference to the James Bond movie "Thunderball," though this isn't specifically mentioned), wants to drive there to meet his hero and become a spy. Jed, knowing that Jethro is going through another phase, suggests he set up a "Double Naught" office in Beverly Hills. Milburn Drysdale, anxious to keep the Clampetts happy, makes an office available in his bank. Jethro has some trouble with his "Double Naught" devices: a blade that is supposed to come out of his shoe is put in backwards; a one-way mirror ...
13 Oct. 1965
Possum Day
When the Clampetts decide they want to go home for Possum Day, Mr. Drysdale attempts putting together a Possum Day in Beverly Hills.
20 Oct. 1965
The Possum Parade
Granny wonders why Mrs. Drysdale hasn't started her campaign for Possum Queen. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Drysdale, Mr. Drysdale has plastered her limousine with "Margaret Drysdale for Possum Queen" posters. Will Mrs. Drysdale beat Granny?
10 Nov. 1965
A Real Nice Neighbor
The Clampetts mistakenly think a neigibor's servants are the actual owners and Granny tries her best to set Jed up with the maid.
1 Dec. 1965
Mrs. Drysdale's Father
Mr. Farquar, Mrs. Drysdale's father comes for a visit. When he's alone with Drysdale, he reveals he's broke. It seems on his way over, he passed through Las Vegas and lost his whole fortune and is asking Drysdale for a handout, which he refuses. He later learns of the Clampetts, he goes there hoping to get some of their money so he can go back to Las Vegas.

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