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Season 7

25 Sep. 1968
A Bundle for Britain
The Clampetts are concerned Mr. Drysdale is worrying too much about their money. When Jethro misunderstands and believes Britain's queen is broke, the family heads to their English castle to help her out.
2 Oct. 1968
Something for the Queen
Heading to England Jethro smuggles Ellie's turkey buzzard on the plane upsetting Mr. Drysdale and a fellow passenger. After landing they try to meet with the Queen to give her their 80 million dollars. Their butler Faversham tries to clear things up.
9 Oct. 1968
War of the Roses
The Clampetts fly to London to give the Queen the deed to Canada they purchased. Waiting for an appointment with the Queen they stay at Clampett castle, where Granny is thinks they are at war with a neighboring castle.
16 Oct. 1968
Coming Through the Rye
While in England, Jethro falls for a young lady, but the Clampetts thinks a man wearing the kilt is the girl that Jethro has fallen for.
23 Oct. 1968
The Ghost of Clampett Castle
In an attempt to get the Clampetts to move back to California, Mr. Drysdale tells Granny about the spirit of Lady Clementine. Her husband was murdered in the Clampett castle. Lady Clementine's ghost is going to return to seek revenge on the person who killed her husband; her little old grandmother.
31 Oct. 1968
Granny Goes to Hooterville
After the Clampetts return from London, Granny gets a letter from Hooterville asking her to help with Betty Jo Elliot's baby.
6 Nov. 1968
The Italian Cook
While Granny is away in Hooterville, Mr. Drysdale hires a gorgeous Italian cook who speaks no English.
13 Nov. 1968
The Great Cook-Off
Granny and the Italian chef compete to see who will cook for the family.
20 Nov. 1968
Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs
Jethro and Elly dress up in Bonnie and Clyde costumes and end up scaring Mr. Drysdale; to get back at them, Mr. Drysdale dresses up as a bank robber but gets caught.
27 Nov. 1968
The Thanksgiving Spirit
The Clampetts spend Thanksgiving in Hooterville.
4 Dec. 1968
The Courtship of Homer Noodleman
Mr. Drysdale casts Dash Riprock as Homer Noodleman, a potential new lover for Elly May.
11 Dec. 1968
The Hot Rod Truck
Jethro wants a new identity with replacement of their old truck with a modern hot rod. Granny wants to stay with the old truck. To prove how good the old truck is Granny races Jethro in his hot rod.
18 Dec. 1968
The Week Before Christmas
The Clampetts prepare to go to Hooterville for Christmas.
25 Dec. 1968
Christmas in Hooterville
The Clampetts return to Hooterville to celebrate Christmas. Mr. Drysdale, convinced that Mr. Clampett intends to move all of his money to Mr. Drucker's bank, drives to Hooterville to stop him.
1 Jan. 1969
Drysdale and Friend
Mr. Drysdale follows the Clampetts and Miss Jane to Hooterville where they are spending Christmas. He takes Ellie's bear Fairchild with him and gets himself thrown in jail in a little town. Sam Drucker shows up to help.
8 Jan. 1969
Problem Bear
Mr. Drysdale is sick and Dr. Granny springs into action with a chimp as a nurse. But Ellie's bear Fairchild has taken a liking to granny's "flu" remedy. During this Mrs, Drysdale tries to impress society Mrs. Van Ransonhoff.
22 Jan. 1969
Jethro the Flesh Peddler
Jethro's new plan is to become a big time talent agent with his first action is hiring beautiful Babs and Bunny. Cousin Roy, told his has musical gifts, arrives but Jethro refuses to accept him as a client which upsets the other Clampetts.
29 Jan. 1969
Cousin Roy in Movieland
Jethro agrees to take on cousin Roy as a client but then he changes everything that made the banjo player likeable. Granny, Jed, and Ellie are dismayed but a hit record happens in spite of Jethro.
5 Feb. 1969
Jed Clampett Enterprises
Jethro is evicted because his 50 cent allowance won't cover the rent. The other Clampetts take over the space with Granny will cut hair or pull teeth. Jed will sharpen tools and whittle something. Ellie is the pretty receptionist.
12 Feb. 1969
The Phantom Fifth Floor
With the Clampetts established "in business" in Jethro's vacated office space, a building inspector visits to find out about their business operations on the 5th floor.
19 Feb. 1969
The Hired Gun
Mr. Drysdale hires a "troubleshooter" for the bank. His main mission is to get the Clampetts to close their business operating out of the 5th floor.
26 Feb. 1969
The Happy Bank
Granny provides Homer Cratchit with a baldness cure which makes the other employees curious about what's going on on the 5th floor. One secretary sets her sight on marrying Jed.
5 Mar. 1969
Sam Drucker's Visit
Sam Drucker comes to Beverly Hills to visit and Granny assumes he's interested in courting her.
12 Mar. 1969
The Guru
Jethro meets Mrs. Drysdale's guru and decides he wants to be one also. Granny thinks it's all nonsense but when she tries to put a stop to it the followers find her common sense inspiring and make her the head guru.
19 Mar. 1969
The Jogging Clampetts
The Drysdales now jog so the banker can get the account of Jason Detweiler, head of a running club. The Clampetts don't understand the concept, leading to misunderstandings then Ellie and Jethro become enthusiastic,
26 Mar. 1969
Collard Greens An' Fatback
Famous singer Pat Boone is in the neighborhood and smells Granny's cooking. He wanders into their backyard and the Clampetts befriend him, thinking he's a hill country man down on his luck.

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