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Season 4

15 Sep. 1965
Admiral Jed Clampett
Mr. Drysdale tries to get Jed to buy a yacht and join the yacht club. As usual, a misunderstanding takes place, and the Navy gets involved.
22 Sep. 1965
That Old Black Magic
Granny confuses Mrs. Drysdale's forays into astrology with the practice of black magic. An intended gift for Ellie Mae from Mr. Drysdale only adds to the confusion.
29 Sep. 1965
The Sheik
Jed meets another oil millionaire - a sheikh from an Arab kingdom - who presents him with an unusual gift: his very own harem.
6 Oct. 1965
The Private Eye
Jethro is anxious to become a new "Double Naught" spy and Mr. Drysdale gives him his own office. A bank robber hopes to con an unwitting Jethro into helping him get into the bank vault.
13 Oct. 1965
Possum Day
When the Clampetts decide they want to go home for Possum Day, Mr. Drysdale attempts putting together a Possum Day in Beverly Hills.
20 Oct. 1965
The Possum Parade
Jethro think the Drysdale's young attractive maid is interested in him. He commences to courting her but she is actually interested in watching the football game on the Clampett's color TV.
27 Oct. 1965
The Clampetts Play the Rams
Jethro think the Drysdale's young attractive maid is interested in him. He commences to courting her but she is actually interested in watching the football game on the Clampett's color TV.
3 Nov. 1965
The Courtship of Elly
Granny's concocts a love potion for Elly Mae at the same time Mr. Drysdale hires an escort for Elly. Dean arrives at the mansion with the Clampetts believing he's Miss Jane's boyfriend so Granny tries a reverse spell.
10 Nov. 1965
A Real Nice Neighbor
The Clampetts mistakenly think a neigibor's servants are the actual owners and Granny tries her best to set Jed up with the maid.
17 Nov. 1965
The Poor Farmer
Mr. Lucas Sebastian, a billionaire entrepreneur, wants Jed to invest in his new venture, undersea farming.
24 Nov. 1965
Hoe Down A-Go-Go
Jed and Granny are concerned the young'uns aren't meeting anyone so decide to throw a wing ding. Miss Jane provides the music but the older Clampetts are confused by the band names. A mix between a square dance and rockfest ensues.
1 Dec. 1965
Mrs. Drysdale's Father
Mr. Farquar, Mrs. Drysdale's father comes for a visit. When he's alone with Drysdale, he reveals he's broke. It seems on his way over, he passed through Las Vegas and lost his whole fortune and is asking Drysdale for a handout, which he refuses. He later learns of the Clampetts, he goes there hoping to get some of their money so he can go back to Las Vegas.
8 Dec. 1965
Mr. Farquhar Stays On
Daddy Farquhar continues to visit the Clampetts's mansion to his daughter Margaret's displeasure. He has plans for Granny and her money in Las Vegas but she's expecting a marriage proposal.
15 Dec. 1965
Military School
Jethro wants to a general and Mr. Drysdale decides the safest idea is to get him into a boys military academy. With Jethro twice the size of the other boys the commander has his doubts while a mock battle confuses Granny and Jed.
29 Dec. 1965
The Common Cold
When Mr. Drysdale is unhappy with Dr. Clyburn's treatment of his cold the Clampetts hear about it. Granny decides it's time to set up practice and enlists the rest of her family to help. She also claims a cure for the common cold.
5 Jan. 1966
The Richest Woman
The world's richest woman wants to buy the Clampett mansion and will stop at nothing to get it. Will Jed finally sell?
12 Jan. 1966
The Trotting Horse
Granny wants to learn to drive the truck but can't get used to modern day contraptions. A horse is more of what she wants and Mr. Drysdale gets her one, a professional race horse.
19 Jan. 1966
The Buggy
When Granny hears the Drysdales are at a horse show she declares she wants good trotter so she can ride it to the market. But Mr. Drysdale buys a racer along with a buggy which Granny decides she wants to be the driver at the track.
26 Jan. 1966
The Cat Burglar
After it becomes known that a cat burglar is in Beverly Hills the Clampetts take precautions to protect their home. Not surprisingly, they don't really understand what a cat burglar is.
2 Feb. 1966
The Big Chicken
Granny encounters an ostrich at the Drysdales and believe it's a giant chicken. She decides it got into her "medicinal tonic" and that's why it's so big. She tries to apply the idea to her vegetables.
9 Feb. 1966
Sonny Drysdale Returns
The Clampetts believe resuming his courtship of Elly is why Sonny Drysdale returns. But his stepfather arranges a job as a beauty product salesman and his first stop is at the Clampetts where they think his merchandise are courting gifts.
16 Feb. 1966
Brewster's Baby
Granny, along with Elly, is heading back to the hills to do some doctoring. Mr Drysdale is frantic to stop her so he reveals that the Brewsters are having a baby. Jethro brings home some girls from the Kit Kat Club so he won't be lonely.
23 Feb. 1966
The Great Jethro
A shady magician sells his wares to the gullible Jethro.
2 Mar. 1966
The Old Folks Home
Jed thinks Granny needs help in cleaning the mansion but she believes it's because he wants to put her in a retirement home. So Granny is ready to head to the hills with her money which Mr. Drysdale is desperate to avoid.
16 Mar. 1966
Flatt and Scruggs Return
Musicians Flatt and Scruggs, old friends of the Clampetts, visit with their glamorous wives. Banjo music is performed, Gladys sings a song and Granny teaches her to cook. Jethro adapts the truck to avoid traffic.
23 Mar. 1966
The Folk Singers
Jethro is bent on becoming an astronaut but gets sidetracked into teaming up with Miss Jane to become a folk singer. Along the way Jethro invents a new musical device he dubs the Bodine o' phone.
30 Mar. 1966
The Beautiful Maid
Drysdale, at first irate that beautiful actress Bergstrom is kept on an expensive stipend without making a film, is smitten at first sight and so places the actress in the Clampett home to learn backwoods accents and ways for a movie.
6 Apr. 1966
Jethro's Pad
Jethro becomes a Hugh Hefner wannabe when he discovers some Playpen magazines in the Mr. Drysdales garage.
13 Apr. 1966
The Bird-Watchers
Granny remains eager to get Elly to the altar and decides Professor Biddle, Miss Jane's friend, will do. Mr. Drysdale blackmails Dash into asking the Clampett lass for a date. The meek birdwatcher and the handsome actor are soon at odds.
20 Apr. 1966
Jethro Gets Engaged
Jethro is in love again and decides to get a job as an actor. Taking the name Beef Jerky, he finds himself Dash's stunt double and has a rough time at the studio. Jethro's "girl" Debbie only want a screen test and plays up to Jed.
27 Apr. 1966
Granny Tonics a Bird-Watcher
Granny brews a batch of her tonic hoping it helps Elly get a husband. Jane with Mr. Biddle are trying to hatch a condor egg but a sip of the potion changes the birdwatcher's focus and the Clampetts need to get him out of a tree.
18 May 1966
Jethro Goes to College
Jed thinks Jethro needs to go back to school to get his mind off girls. But instead of college Jethro enrolls in a secretarial school who take his money and graduate him early. At his new bank job he hires all his classmates.

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