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Season 2

25 Sep. 1963
Jed Gets the Misery
Jed cheers up Grannie by pretending to be sick so she can doctor him. Soon Drysdale and his doctor, Clyburn, are subject to her methods as well.
2 Oct. 1963
Hair-Raising Holiday
After Grannie cuts off the top of Drysdale and Clyburn's (his doctor) hair for some homegrown remedy, Clyburn tries to keep her from ever doctoring again. Meanwhile, the Clampetts are looking forward to the Possum Day parade, which of course isn't celebrated in Beverly Hills, so Drysdale has to figure out how to have one to keep them happy.
9 Oct. 1963
Granny's Garden
Grannie has everyone up at the crack of down to plow the front yard for her garden, while Mr. Drysdale, Miss Hathaway, and a stubborn mule try to stop her.
16 Oct. 1963
Elly Starts to School
Mrs. Drysdale recommends Elly for a high-brow finishing school in hopes that humiliating her will drive the Clampetts away; but instead Miss Hathaway convinces the girls at the school that Elly is a fashion trend-setter. Elly invites the filthy rich Fenwicks over, thinking they're destitute.
23 Oct. 1963
The Clampett Look
Cynthia Fenwick makes her filthy rich mother dress in the "Clampett Look" when they visit the Clampetts, since she thinks Elly is a fashion maven. That only reinforces the Clampett's belief that the Fenwicks are poor.
30 Oct. 1963
Jethro's First Love
Jethro decides he wants to go a courtin', so after Jed gives him a little education he finds a woman, who happens to be a stripper. As usual, neither she or the Clampetts know what the other is really saying.
6 Nov. 1963
Chickadee Returns
Jethro thinks he's in love with Chickadee Laverne, a stripper he met at the bank. She and the Clampetts have meet and have different ideas about what an "engagement" is, while Miss Hathaway tries to avert this disaster.
13 Nov. 1963
The Clampetts Are Overdrawn
The Clampetts receive an overdraft from the bank intended for the deadbeat actor J.D. 'Jake' Clampett, while he gets their statement and starts to spend their money.
20 Nov. 1963
The Clampetts Go Hollywood
When Jake Clampett tells Jed he's his cousin, he's welcomed into the home and soon has everyone but Jed thinking about and dressing for a role in their next movie.
27 Nov. 1963
Turkey Day
Thanksgiving has a hitch when Elly bonds with the thanksgiving turkey so the family can't bring themselves to kill it, while Mrs Drysdale hires some Indians to take a thanksgiving picture and it puts Granny on the warpath.
4 Dec. 1963
The Garden Party
Mrs. Drysdale has a garden party and 'invites' the Clampetts by mistake. They end up back by their 'cement pond' to handle the 'overflow' from Mrs. Drysdale's party. A gun shot by Granny starts the real party.
11 Dec. 1963
Elly Needs a Maw
Mr. Drysdale needs investors for his real estate development project, so he enlists the Widow Fenwick, and aims to cement the deal by hitching her to Jed Clampett, who is looking to find a mother for his daughter, Elly May.
18 Dec. 1963
The Clampetts Get Culture
The Clampetts decide to get a taste of culture to fit in the high-class society of Beverly Hills.
25 Dec. 1963
Christmas at the Clampetts
Lavish Christmas presents puzzle the Clampetts.
1 Jan. 1964
A Man for Elly
Granny tries to find the perfect man for Elly May.
8 Jan. 1964
The Giant Jackrabbit
Granny takes on a kangaroo.
15 Jan. 1964
The Girl from Home
A father and daughter from back home come to Beverly Hills to meet Jed.
22 Jan. 1964
Lafe Lingers On
Lafe Crick comes back in another scheme to get rich off the Clampetts' wealth.
5 Feb. 1964
The Race for Queen
Elly May competes in a contest to determine "The Queen of Beverly Hills."
12 Feb. 1964
Lafe Returns
Jed and Mr. Drysdale try matching Ellie with the bank's new CPA Fred Penrod (or Rod Fredpen) while Lafe continues to try to find where "Jed has his money buried".
19 Feb. 1964
Son of Lafe Returns
Lafe Crick tries some match making with his son Dub and Ellie. Jed has his reservations.
26 Feb. 1964
The Clampetts Go Fishing
Mr. Drysdale tries to get the Clampetts interested in deep sea fishing by sending them to Sea World. Thinking that it's a fishing hole, Granny wants to "catch the whale".
11 Mar. 1964
The Critter Doctor
Dr Martin of the zoo keeps giving Ellie more critters than Granny can stand. While Jim Gardner (or Jim Garrrrr!) comes to sell "bug vittles" but ends up falling for Ellie.
25 Mar. 1964
Granny Versus the Weather Bureau
The Weather Bureau says their satellite predicts fair and clear. Granny's beetle says rain. The Weather Bureau meets the beetle.
1 Apr. 1964
Another Neighbor
It's tonic time in Beverly Hills. Granny's made a batch of tonic and sends a sample to their new neighbor, the Countess Maria. She loves it and throws a party to celebrate.
8 Apr. 1964
The Bank Raising
Mr. Drysdale is having a ground-breaking ceremony for a new bank building and the Clampetts think they need to pitch in to help build it. Meanwhile Mr. Drysdale's associates try to get stock market tips off of Jed.
15 Apr. 1964
The Great Crawdad Hunt
The Clampetts get a big food package from home and Mr. Drysdale's two associates, Mr. Lucus and Mr. Pendleton, think that the crawdads have something to do with the development of military reconnaissance technology.
22 Apr. 1964
The Dress Shop
Mr. Drysdale has Jed buy a Beverly Hills dress store for an investment and the Clampetts show up to help "the poor widow and her starving girls".
29 Apr. 1964
The House of Granny
The Clampetts try to turn their newly acquired Beverly Hills dress boutique, The House of Renee, into a country store, The House of Granny.
6 May 1964
The Continental Touch
Jed sends Ellie to the Beverly Hills dress boutique he used to own (now the House of Maurice) to learn how to be a lady, where Mrs. Drysdale mistakes her for royalty.
13 May 1964
Jed, Incorporated
Mr. Drysdale wants Jed to incorporate for the tax advantages. So the Clampetts take over the top floor of the Commerce Bank and start doing what they can to stimulate the economy by getting more money into the hands of more people.
20 May 1964
Granny Learns to Drive
Granny's driving and Ellie's cooking makes a policeman and a cab driver think that the Clampett Mansion is a mental institution.
27 May 1964
Cabin in Beverly Hills
Mr. Drysdale get's Jed's old cabin from back home and sets it up in the Clampett's backyard to surprise Granny on her birthday. A coed with a sociology major thinks that they live there as the Drysdale's servants.
3 Jun. 1964
Jed Foils a Home Wrecker
Mrs. Drysdale hires a demolition man to remove the Clampett's cabin. Mr. Drysdale decides to occupy the cabin so it can't be removed. The Clampetts think a "home wrecker" is breaking up the Drysdale's marriage.
10 Jun. 1964
Jethro's Graduation
Jethro's running late for his graduation ceremony despite his new watch. Mrs. Potts of Jethro's school is afraid that his attendance will jeopardize her chances for a new endowment. Cousin Bessie saves the day.

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