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Season 2

27 Sep. 1963
A Home Away from Home
A patient at a mental hospital kills the head doctor and takes over, replacing the staff with fellow patients. Things get complicated when the niece of the real doctor makes an unexpected visit.
4 Oct. 1963
A Nice Touch
A successful Hollywood actor convinces his lover to kill her abusive husband, then makes a phone call.
11 Oct. 1963
Terror at Northfield
A small-town is rocked by a series of murders which begins with the killing of a local farmer's son.
18 Oct. 1963
You'll Be the Death of Me
A woman becomes the target of her murderous spouse after she finds a button from one of his victims.
25 Oct. 1963
Blood Bargain
Racketeer Harney gives Derry (Kiley) a contract to hit Breech (Long), whose wife Connie (Francis) is a paraplegic. Derry meets Connie, helping her to play a bar jukebox. Sympathizing with Connie, Derry decides, for a price, to fake Breech's death by buying a mortuary corpse and staging an automobile smash-up. Derry expects Breech and Connie to abscond to Mexico City.
8 Nov. 1963
Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale
A sheriff investigates the disappearance of the wife of a man who has been acting suspiciously.
15 Nov. 1963
Starring the Defense
Miles Crawford, a former movie star, is now a successful attorney. When his young son Tod is charged with first degree murder, he hires the best criminal lawyer, but then convinces Tod that he should represent him at trial. His closing argument is an impassioned performance, bringing applause from spectators. Then the judge calls the attorneys into his chambers. The prosecutor has discovered some startling new evidence that may affect the case.
29 Nov. 1963
The Cadaver
A college aid borrows a dead female body from the lab and plants it in his roommate's dorm to try and scare him sober, but the joke becomes disastrous.
6 Dec. 1963
The Dividing Wall
A wall separating the innocent from the guilty is perilously breached when ex-cons mistakenly steal radioactive cobalt, then abandon it. Thinking the cobalt container hides industrial diamonds, they open it in their front, an auto repair shop, endangering the neighborhood. As they lie low, before fleeing to Mexico, only the youngest of the trio is concerned about the neighbors, especially a female shopkeeper he cares for. Fear mounts, as the mechanic who pried open the Pandora's box, grows ill, and the FBI tracks the radioactivity.
13 Dec. 1963
Good-Bye, George
The husband of a successful actress, thought for years to be dead, suddenly returns and demands he once again become a part of her life, now that she's a success. Things get complicated as she accidentally kills him when he attacks her.
20 Dec. 1963
How to Get Rid of Your Wife
Gerald Swinney is a henpecked husband suffering under the constant verbal abuse of his overbearing wife. Gerald devises a plan to rid himself of her and begin his life over again, but the results have unexpected consequences.
3 Jan. 1964
Three Wives Too Many
One of a bigamist's 4 wives, takes it on her own to track down and kill the other three women.
10 Jan. 1964
The Magic Shop
After a little boy vanishes in a magic shop, he comes back later with supernatural powers and evil intentions.
24 Jan. 1964
Beyond the Sea of Death
An heiress finally finds a young man who loves her for herself instead of her money. After he dies in a Bolivian mine explosion, she tries to regain contact with him through an Indian mystic.
31 Jan. 1964
Night Caller
Marcia Fowler is sunbathing in her backyard when she spots a new neighbor, Roy Bullock, eyeing her. Frightened, she calls the police, who take her to the Bullock house and warn Roy not to be a peeping Tom. Marcia also asks her husband Jack to admonish Roy, but Jack finds Roy to be friendly. Roy befriends 12-year-old Stevey Fowler. Marcia begins getting obscene telephone calls, and blames them on Roy. When Jack and Stevey take a flight to San Francisco, Roy visits Marcia to leave a gift for Stevey, and to chide Marcia for her infidelity. Panicked, she overreacts, and ...
7 Feb. 1964
The Evil of Adelaide Winters
A woman runs a psychic scam with hidden speakers to make people believe she can contact their dead love ones, and one man believes she has contacted his dead son, so he becomes dangerously obsessed with her sessions.
14 Feb. 1964
The Jar
A carnival barker sells a jar containing a mysterious, hairy, octopus-like mass to Charlie Hill of Wilder's Hollow for $12.25. He shows it to his wife Thedy, who hates it. Soon everyone from miles around comes to look at the jar and wonder what is inside. Trudy and her paramour, Tom Carmody, conspire with Jahdoo, paying him $1 to steal the jar and shatter it at Heron Swamp. Charlie hurries to the swamp, but gets trapped in quicksand. Jahdoo speculates on the contents of the jar before rescuing Charlie and returning the jar. When Charlie gets home, Thedy tries to break...
21 Feb. 1964
Final Escape
A young convict at a state prison work camp plans a clever escape with the help of the aging, alcoholic fellow prisoner who is in charge of making and burying the camp's coffins.
6 Mar. 1964
Murder Case
A struggling actor auditioning in London learns that his actress-girlfriend who dumped him is married to the play's backer, a rich diamond merchant. They soon rekindle their romance and and plan to get her out of her marriage.
13 Mar. 1964
Anyone for Murder?
James Parkerson is a professor and dean of psychology. He places a classified ad in the newspaper offering to help husbands and wives who want to be relieved of their spouses, ostensibly to conduct research. The editor calls him into the newspaper office for a meeting with a police detective, who suspects him of offering murder for hire. The ad is discontinued, but he receives 20 responses. The first responder is Bingham, a real hit man, who wants all of Parkerson's referrals. The second responder is Robert Johnson, with whom Doris Parkerson is having an adulterous ...
20 Mar. 1964
Beast in View
An attorney helps a client threatened by an unstable woman who blames her for a broken wedding engagement.
27 Mar. 1964
Behind the Locked Door
Dave Snowden elopes with wealthy Bonnie Daniels, and Mr. Spencer sees them break into the abandoned old estate where Bonnie lived until age six. Mr. Spencer informs Bonnie's mother, Mrs. Daniels, who finds Snowden struggling to open a mysterious locked door on the upper floor. Mrs. Daniels annuls the marriage, because Bonnie's true age is only 17, not 19, as Dave was told. Three weeks later, when Bonnie reaches majority, she rejoins Dave, and they consummate nuptials, but Mrs. Daniels will not release Bonnie's trust fund until she is 25. Dave convinces Bonnie to ...
3 Apr. 1964
A Matter of Murder
A notorious but ethical auto thief and his gang steal a Rolls-Royce, unaware that the trunk contains the body of a woman who was murdered by her husband.
10 Apr. 1964
The Gentleman Caller
Gerald Musgrove shoots and kills a night watchman while stealing $100,000 from a bank. On the street nearby, while eluding police, he meets elderly Emmy Rice, and befriends her. Since he is on parole, he must launder the loot, so he stows it in some of Emmy's old magazines. Gerald then prods impoverished Emmy into writing a will, awarding all money found in her apartment to himself. He tries to murder Emmy three times, but she survives, and arranges for the arrest of Milly Musgrove for attempting to gas her to death. Gerald is apprehended too, when he realizes that ...
14 Apr. 1964
The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow
A elderly woman is locked in an air tight safe, with one of her cats, by her niece's fiancé when she discovers he is a forger.
1 May 1964
Ten Minutes from Now
The Commissioner of Recreation & Parks receives three life-threatening letters in one week, complaining about the method by which art is selected for museum display. When James Bellington enters City Hall with a breadbox-sized package and runs from a lobby policeman, he is apprehended, but the parcel only contains an alarm clock. Bellington is sent to Dr. Glover, a psychiatrist, who labels him a paranoid with homicidal or suicidal tendencies. Bellington delivers two shoeboxes to the art museum, but shows the bomb squad that they only contain art supplies. In a bistro,...
8 May 1964
The Sign of Satan
A group of studio executives and a leading lady (Gia Scala) view a screening of a black mass, and are impressed by the performance of Karl Jorla. They want him for the lead in their next horror picture, so they fly him into Hollywood from France. They need to arrange for publicity but Jorla refuses, saying that the film they observed was of him as the real-life arch-priest of a group of devil worshipers who will track him down and kill him. The studio tries to protect him, but he trusts no one. He disappears, then suddenly emerges three days later in a scene with the ...
15 May 1964
Who Needs an Enemy?
Eddie Turtin discovers that his friend and business partner, Charlie Osgood, has fraudulently defalcated at least $60,000 from their company, and warns him that if he does not repay the money promptly, criminal charges will be pressed that should result in a 35-year prison sentence. Charlie concocts a plan with his girlfriend Danielle to fake his death, placing a dummy in public view on a pier. The dummy appears to jump suicidally, then a violent explosion destroys the body. Charlie and Danielle plan to abscond with $89,000 stowed in a company filing cabinet. But the ...
22 May 1964
Bed of Roses
A married man finds his beautiful mistress murdered and flees without reporting it, only to become the victim of blackmail.
29 May 1964
The Second Verdict
An ethical lawyer becomes very disturbed about what to do when the client he just got an murder acquittal for, brags he committed the crime.
5 Jun. 1964
After serving a prison sentence, a man romances the woman whose false testimony got him convicted.
3 Jul. 1964
Body in the Barn
The Wilkins put up a fence, which causes the next-door neighbor to fall from a seaside cliff, presumably dying, although his body is not found. Samantha Wilkins is a shrew who owns a large estate, and henpecks her husband Henry. Henry befriends the old neighbor woman Bessie Carnby and her daughter, Camilla, who invite him for dinner, but he never shows. A quick-lime decimated body is discovered in the Wilkins barn, and it is identified as Henry, so Samantha is hung for murder. On the night after the execution, Henry reappears, and soon announces his betrothal to ...

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