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Syrupy, sentimental stuff
jandewitt20 July 2004
This one is strictly for the ladies to catch between hair-dresser and lunch. Covering the emotional spectrum from maudlin to mawkish, this sudsy, cloying picture was aimed to bring Ruth Leuwerik back at the national box-office after an endless string of financial melt-downs. The beautiful and talented star returned to the formula that made her a household name a decade earlier as the long-suffering, elegantly coiffed First Lady of Weepies, hiding a broken heart under several yards of mink.

Telling the May-to-September affair of two doomed lovers (he's dying of one of those movie diseases that do not show) Miss Leuwerik is trying her very best, to breath life into the turgid, ponderous, completely unbelievable going-ons. Alas, all is in vain. From the beginning she is defeated by the inferior material.

Once a star of first magnitude, beating Maria Schell in all popularity polls, Ruth Leuwerik found herself trapped in second-rate features when the 60's dawned. Though her reign was short and did not contain any classic, Miss Leuwerik is still adored and dearly loved by her loyal fans. The prestigious National Film Museum in Berlin honored her with a great, splashy, magnificently staged and costly special in May 2004, which turned out to be a rousing hit with high-brow critics and mass audience alike.
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