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In Bud's basketball game, the free throw lane is twelve feet wide. Even at the college level this width did not appear until 1957.
The scene with the camera panning across the dinner table shows Iris and Herringbone footed tumblers in the iridescent finish. Jeanette Glass Company did not make the iridescent finish until the 1950s. During the 30s only the Crystal (clear) style was available.


At the film's climax, when Hazel asks Deanie if she still loves Bud, you can see to the right of the frame that Deanie is wearing her hat. However, when it cuts immediately to a close-up of Deanie, she is not wearing the hat.

Revealing mistakes 

During the bath tub scene, there is chunk of dry ice providing the "steam".
During the locker-room shower sequence, Gary Lockwood is seen taking a shower. His shorts are visible.

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