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Dorothy Dandridge in Decline
samtrak120414 February 2010
This was Dorothy's last film...and it's a winner. Her acting career never took off after her Oscar nominated role in "Carmen Jones" because Hollywood did not know what to do with a beautiful black actress under contract. So it did nothing. Only Europe beckoned with starring roles in "Tamango" and "Malaga" but these poorly promoted films were little more than American-style "B" movies. Ironically Dorothy's role as a drug addicted singer in "Murder Men" mirrored her real life decline into booze and prescription drugs. Dandridge was 40 when she made "Blues for a Junkman" and looks it...circles around tired eyes that make-up don't seem to hide. Her singing is lifeless which is why this role was perfect for her. She merely had to be herself...defeated. What a shame! What a waste! Hollywood never promoted her great talent because of institutionalized racism in the United States. Too bad this superb movie is not available on DVD...another Hollywood oversight.
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