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Two silhouetted forms who happen to be a father/son team called 'The Spirits of Progress' begin to discuss the invention of the wheel. The son claims that that the wheel isn't so important, but his father explains that without it, many of the things we use would be useless.

The two go back in time to meet the inventor of the wheel. They come across a caveduck (looking and sounding like Donald Duck). As they watch, he avoids a sabre-toothed Tiger with a rock that causes the creature to roll away. The spirits then ask the duck to analyze what he just did.

They then go through the permutations of what the wheel can do, leading up to the modern-day motor age. However, when the modern-day traffic overwhelms the duck, he decides he doesn't want to be a part of progress.

Hoping to change his mind, the two spirits explain how wheels and circular motion work on the planet Earth and in space. They also explain how wheels affect modern-day persons as well.

Even with the spirits trying to be positive, the duck explains that he still doesn't want to have a part in the creation of the wheel and leaves.

In the end, the spirits decide they picked 'the wrong boy,' but finish with a small ditty, praising the unknown inventor of the wheel.
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