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Not Daffy's best, but a lot of fun
TheLittleSongbird17 January 2010
Daffy's Inn Trouble isn't absolutely outstanding, but it is a lot of fun. I also think it isn't Daffy's best, Duck Amuck and Duck Dodgers in the 24.5th Century were better. While a tad predictable, and some of the jokes are reliant on slapstick, there are plenty of amusing moments and you are left satisfied. The animation is good, the music is even better, the writing is witty and Mel Blanc's vocal characterisations are brilliant as always. Daffy here, like Duck Amuck and Robin Hood Daffy is the butt of the joke, and he handles himself well. If I were to be honest, I do prefer marginally the manic Daffy, some of the antics he gets into when he is manic are hysterical. Porky is given more to do, and he is fine. In conclusion, very nice and fun. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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A fun Daffy Duck cartoon with a good enough mix of slapstick, witty and dialogue humour
Mightyzebra15 January 2009
This Daffy Duck episode is not my favourite, partly due to the amount of boring, rather predictable slapstick jokes involved. However, I find many good points with the cartoon. Some of the jokes in "Daffy's Inn Trouble" are highly amusing, making this a cartoon worth watching. Other things I like about this are the animation of the characters (the backgrounds are good as well), the theme of the episode and the personality of Porky is very good. The only flaws I find with the cartoon are the fact that there are a few slapstick jokes that could have been transformed into witty jokes/dialogue and the fact that Daffy Duck's personality is not my favourite (although he is cleverer than he often was around Porky in the time the cartoon was made).

In this cartoon, Daffy Duck sweeps the floor of Porky's inn, which is in the middle of a desert. He is fed up with having to work for him rather than running an independent business just like Porky. When Porky buys him a new broom (which was kind of him but is a bit of an inappropriate present), Daffy quits and goes off to build and run his own inn. Porky, who is very good at his business (even though it is small), can immediately see Daffy does not know how to run an inn...

I recommend this cartoon to people who like a cleverer Daffy along with Porky and a mix of slapstick and non-slapstick jokes in a Looney Tunes cartoon. Enjoy "Daffy's Inn Trouble"! :-)
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Not great but amusing
bob the moo7 March 2004
Fed up sweeping floors for Porky Pig in his hotel, Daffy quits and goes across the street to open a rival inn in order to shut down Porky's place. However no matter what he tries Daffy just can't manage to steal the business away from Porky - leading to more drastic actions.

I'm a really big fan of Daffy Duck and always feel that he is at his best when he is in his early persona of being manic and wacky. Even when he becomes more cynical and greedy he still manages to be one of my favourite Warner Brothers characters. Here he is back in partnership with Porky Pig, a combination that usually sees Porky managing to avoid whatever it is that Daffy is trying to do to him - in this case force his hotel out of business. Daffy is the butt of many of the jokes here while porky just stands by and watches Daffy hurt himself! It isn't hilarious but it has a few good moments that are amusing.

The animation isn't great but it isn't too basic, the characters are well drawn and the backgrounds and sets look OK (including a bit of live action in there too). Porky doesn't manage to steal the film even though he gets the better of the outcome, but he still does well. Daffy is good but I always find these ones hard to watch (where he gets beat) as I do like him!

Overall this has a few laughs and is quite good but fans of Daffy may want to skip this in favour of a cartoon where he is in control rather than being a greedy jackass. Despite this Daffy still leads the action well and I found it quite amusing.
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Pigs outsmart ducks . . .
Edgar Allan Pooh17 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
. . . by importing half a dozen LIVE ACTION dance hall gals (apparently "going commando," for anyone with the benefit of 21st Century DVD player controls), taking center stage between 173 and 180 seconds into Warner Bros.' seven-minute Looney Tunes animated short, DAFFY'S INN TROUBLE. During this brief time period, Daffy Duck dresses in drag TWICE (though it's unclear whether he's commando-styled amid either episode). He orders Pate De Foie Gras at a restaurant, apparently not being fluent enough in French to realize that this constitutes cannibalism for him. Daffy also manages to quit his job, build and destroy a tavern (enduring an armed robbery in the brief time between his building boom and bust), get Booed and Vegetabled off a stage (during his first transvestite foray), shoot himself, and strike it rich on behalf of his chief antagonist, Porky Pig. Since pigs eat duck brains for dinner, the only thing keeping DAFFY'S INN TROUBLE from perfectly dove-tailing with THERE WILL BE BLOOD is Porky's lack of a drinking straw.
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"We'll settle it man-to-man, West of the Pecos style!"
utgard141 October 2015
Later Daffy & Porky short directed by Robert McKimson that doesn't quite click, despite a few funny moments. Daffy and Porky are running a hotel out West but Daffy is frustrated with having to do menial tasks like sweeping, so he quits in a huff. He decides he'll put Porky out of business by building a competing hotel across the road. Despite his best efforts, however, Porky's hotel still does more business. It's not one of the best cartoons featuring this duo. There are some funny parts, including Daffy in drag and some inserted western movie footage. Great voice work from Mel Blanc. Lively music from Milt Franklyn. Colorful, bright animation. Probably my favorite bit is early on with all the signs outside the hotel, including one that says "Western Spoken Here." I don't know why but that cracks me up.
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Daffy's Inn Trouble has some funny gags though it's not one of the best of the WB shorts
tavm26 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched this on YouTube. Made during the last years of the original Warner Bros. cartoon studio before the 1963 closing, the full production crew is intact with the result of a pretty funny cartoon though the formula of Daffy Duck trying to one-up on Porky Pig (or Bugs Bunny in others) has been done better before. In this one, he's trying to get Porky's hotel out of business by building his own with offers of free TV and whatnot. Doesn't work since the pig has dancing girls in his place (courtesy of live action footage) so Daffy plays a record and makes himself up as a dancing woman. That has a funny punchline as does another when the duck comes to Porky and tries to shoot him though I had to click on another link to see the punchline of that one (Daffy accidentally shoots himself) before going on. There's one more funny gag involving a boulder before the not-as-funny end. Anyway, for what I just mentioned, I recommend Daffy's Inn Trouble though like I said, there's better WB cartoons out there...
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there will be duck
Lee Eisenberg4 September 2012
Daffy and Porky continue their rivalry, this time by running businesses. Fed up at performing menial labor in Porky's old west hotel, Daffy builds his own hotel (multitasking it, to be exact), but doesn't get any customers. So, he decides that the only solution is to sabotage Porky's business. Not that it's gonna go exactly as he planned! The Warner Bros. cartoons were obviously on their decline by this point, but "Daffy's Inn Trouble" still elicits some laughs, especially the smoke from the gun (must've been an ugly sight behind it).

Truly some good times.

PS: Does anyone know which movie the live-action scene is from?
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