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Enjoyable little spoof
bob the moo3 January 2004
A cat and a dog are chained together in the paddy wagon on the way to the city pound. When the door flies open, they put aside their dislike for one another and make a break for it across country. The chain joining them at the arm creating an obvious barrier to a fast getaway.

Nowadays, film titles are spoofed by porno movies twisting the words to make suggestive titles; back in the day this practice was more innocently done for the more family friendly products of cartoons! This is a spoof in name and nature of the Tony Curtis & Sidney Poitier film The Defiant Ones. The plot takes the idea of enemies bound together by chains escaping the law and adds gags to it. It is pretty funny and it doesn't matter if you haven't seen the film that it spoofs, the gags don't require it.

Sylvester and the bulldog are pretty funny together and it is amusing just to see them having to work together as opposed to just chasing one another. If you're looking to nitpick then you could complain about the chain, which seems to change length on the requirements of the jokes, but this isn't a major issue.

Overall this is a funny spoof of a famous film that takes the essence of the plot and makes good jokes out of it. Nice to see a cartoon that is different from the usual Sylvester/Bulldog stuff!
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"Shaddup or I'll give ya's the back of me hand!"
utgard1421 February 2016
Looney Tunes' take on The Defiant Ones, a classic film starring Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis as two escaped convicts, one black and one white, who are shackled together and forced to rely on one another to survive. In this one, Sylvester the cat is shackled to a bulldog in the back of a truck on its way to the pound. When the truck hits a bump in the road, the door flies open and dumps the duo on the road. Now they must work together to survive. So it's like the movie but with humor and obviously without the racial themes (unless you really stretch to find one here). The animation is colorful but that sometimes-scratchy '60s style that I find less-than-ideal but others might not mind. Excellent voice work from Mel Blanc, as always. Great music from Milt Franklyn. Almost all of the humor comes from gags involving the chain connecting the dog and cat and their attempts to break it. It's a funny cartoon, though, and most of the chain gags work well.
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