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5 Jan. 1964
Ed Gets the Mumps
Ed fakes a case of the mumps.
12 Jan. 1964
Ed's Dentist
Mister Ed is suffering from a sore tooth. Meanwhile, Gordon may go crazy trying to prove that Wilbur is insane.
19 Jan. 1964
Ed the Shish Kebab
Wilbur travels to San Francisco for a magician's convention. He enters an illusion contest, using Mister Ed as his assistant in a potentially dangerous trick.
2 Feb. 1964
Ed in the Peace Corps
When Wilbur hires a Japanese foreign exchange student as his secretary, Ed threatens to go to Pakistan to join the Peace Corps.
16 Feb. 1964
Ed the Desert Rat
When one of the neighbors installs a backyard swimming pool, Carol wants one, too, and Wilbur agrees to her demand, over Ed's objection.
23 Feb. 1964
Ed the Donkey
Ed's feelings are hurt after Gordon calls him a jackass.
1 Mar. 1964
Ed Visits a Gypsy
Ed needs advice regarding his love life, so he visits a gypsy to have his hoof read.
8 Mar. 1964
Ol' Swayback
Mister Ed talks Wilbur into taking in a broken down carnival horse.
22 Mar. 1964
Mae West Meets Mister Ed
Mae West hires Wilbur to redesign her horse stable.
12 Apr. 1964
Ed the Chauffeur
Ed never knew he slept standing up, until Wilbur told him. Now that he knows, his feet hurt, and he wants Wilbur to buy him a car.
19 Apr. 1964
Ed the Musician
Mister Ed is suffering from nightmares, so Wilbur suggests he take up music to calm himself before sleep. Ed becomes a one-horse-band.
26 Apr. 1964
The Prowler
The Kirkwoods twice fall victim to a home burglar. Wilbur is sure he can crack the case.
3 May 1964
Saddles and Gowns
Carol wants a new gown to wear to the Architect's Ball, and Ed wants a new saddle. Wilbur doesn't want to buy either.
17 May 1964
A mischievous Martian visits the neighborhood. He has the power to change an individual's personality.
4 Oct. 1964
Hi-Fi Horse
Carol doesn't appreciate the hi-fi set that Wilbur bought for their wedding anniversary.
11 Oct. 1964
Ed the Pool Player
After Gordon is hustled out of $430 playing pool, it's up to Mister Ed to out-hustle the hustler.
18 Oct. 1964
Ed Writes Dear Abby
Mister Ed writes a letter seeking love advice from "Dear Abby", and the advice contained in her response causes Ed to pack his bags and head for the hills.
25 Oct. 1964
Tunnel to Freedom
Ed digs a secret escape route out from under his stable.
30 Dec. 1964
The Heavy Rider
Ed gets stuck with having to give rides to a 300-pound prospective client of Wilbur.
Wilbur Gets the Message... About Payroll Savings!
This presentation encourages people to buy U.S. savings bonds.

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