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7 Jan. 1962
The Wrestler
Wilbur and Roger buy the contract of a professional heavyweight wrestler.
14 Jan. 1962
Ed's Bed
Ed feels sick with a cold, so he demands that Wilbur buy a bed for him so that he can get a good night's rest.
21 Jan. 1962
Ed the Beneficiary
Ed pesters Wilbur to have a will drawn up after he reads of a cat inheriting a large sum from her deceased owner.
28 Jan. 1962
Zsa Zsa
There's a noisy new neighbor in the 'hood, and her name is Zsa Zsa.
4 Feb. 1962
Horse Wash
Carol's dad comes to visit for the first time, and Mister Ed has a hot date, so he visits the local car wash to get a good shower.
11 Feb. 1962
Ed, the Horse Doctor
Roger invests in Lady Linda, a lovesick racehorse that won't run, so it's Mister Ed, the love doctor, to the rescue.
18 Feb. 1962
George Burns Meets Mister Ed
George Burns is offering $25,000 for a great new novelty act, so Wilbur begs Mister Ed to talk to Mr. Burns.
25 Feb. 1962
Ed's Word of Honor
It's Roger's birthday, and he's angry with Mister Ed for eating apples from his trees.
4 Mar. 1962
No Horses Allowed
Wilber enters into a televised debate against a respected member of the community, who wants to ban horses from the neighborhood.
18 Mar. 1962
Bald Horse
Roger wants to get out of having to take a trip to San Francisco with Kay and The Posts, so he tricks Wilbur into believing that Mister Ed is suddenly going bald, which in turn makes Ed a nervous wreck.
25 Mar. 1962
Ed's New Neighbors
Kay inherits country property in New York, so Roger enters into an agreement to sell their California home and move. The purchaser, who works for the IRS, threatens to sue the Posts, if their behavior is not to is liking.
1 Apr. 1962
Ed the Beachcomber
Mister Ed is suffering from feelings of rejection, so he moves to the beach to live with a group of outcast beatniks. Roger owns the beach property, and he wants to evict the whole lot of them.
8 Apr. 1962
Lie Detector
Roger brings home an inventor-friend's homemade lie detector, and he hooks it up to Wilbur, who later hooks it up to Ed.
22 Apr. 1962
Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed
After Clint Eastwood moves into the neighborhood, Mister Ed sets up a party line with his house, which causes nothing but problems for Mr. Eastwood.
29 Apr. 1962
Ed, the Matchmaker
A going-on-15-year-old boy-crazy girl has moved into the neighborhood.
27 Sep. 1962
Ed Gets Amnesia
Ed receives a blow to his head, which causes him to suffer from amnesia.
4 Oct. 1962
Wilbur the Good Samaritan
Mister Ed's telephone complaint in Wilbur's name gets the neighborhood newspaper boy fired, so Wilbur must now go to great lengths to get the kid's job back for him.
11 Oct. 1962
Wilbur and Ed in Show Biz
Wilbur and Ed decide to break into show business after they see Margie the Elephant perform on TV.
18 Oct. 1962
The Bashful Clipper
Carol and Kay discover that Chuck, the guy that clips Ed's hair, is also a fantastic hairdresser, so they convince Wilbur and Roger to make an investment that enables him to open his very own salon. One problem they hadn't counted on: He's too shy around women to cut their hair.
25 Oct. 1962
Ed and the Allergy
Roger's dreaded mother-in-law has come to visit, and to his delight, she's allergic to horse hair.
1 Nov. 1962
Horse Sense
Roger's on the warpath to get rid of the bridle path that runs along the local golf course because the horses interfere with his game. The last time a ball hit a horse, it cost him a 20-dollar bet, and now he's mad.
8 Nov. 1962
Wilbur in the Lion's Den
Wilbur turns down a high-paying job offer, and Ed wants to go fly a kite.
15 Nov. 1962
Horse Party
It's Ed's 9th birthday, and he wants Wilbur to throw him a party.
22 Nov. 1962
Ed, the Pilgrim
Mister Ed tells Wilbur the real story about Thanksgiving.
29 Nov. 1962
Disappearing Horse
Wilbur performs his magic act at the community theatre variety show.
6 Dec. 1962
Ed and Paul Revere
Mister Ed is going to pose for a statue, and Roger wants to pose as Paul Revere on top of him.
13 Dec. 1962
Wilbur the Masher
A woman accuses Wilbur of being a masher after Ed whistles at the filly she is riding.
20 Dec. 1962
Horse of a Different Color
Mister Ed wants to join the circus.

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