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Season 5

4 Oct. 1964
Hi-Fi Horse
Carol doesn't appreciate the hi-fi set that Wilbur bought for their wedding anniversary.
11 Oct. 1964
Ed the Pool Player
After Gordon is hustled out of $430 playing pool, it's up to Mister Ed to out-hustle the hustler.
18 Oct. 1964
Ed Writes Dear Abby
Mister Ed writes a letter seeking love advice from "Dear Abby", and the advice contained in her response causes Ed to pack his bags and head for the hills.
25 Oct. 1964
Tunnel to Freedom
Ed digs a secret escape route out from under his stable.
30 Dec. 1964
The Heavy Rider
Ed gets stuck with having to give rides to a 300-pound prospective client of Wilbur.
6 Jan. 1965
Ed the Pilot
Ed hijacks and pilots a cargo plane.
13 Jan. 1965
Animal Jury
Ed goes on trial for birdnapping Aunt Martha's pet parrot.
20 Jan. 1965
What Kind of Foal Am I?
Carol's father comes to visit, and nothing goes right for Wilbur.
27 Jan. 1965
Ed the Race Horse
Ed goes into training after losing a race on the bridle path to Gordon's rented horse.
3 Feb. 1965
Ed's Juice Stand
Ed creates a juice that is so invigorating and tasty that Wilbur wants to mass produce and market it. However, Ed refuses to disclose the secret formula.
10 Feb. 1965
Like Father, Like Horse
Gordon enters a slogan-writing contest in hopes of winning a free trip to Hawaii. Mister Ed decides to call him on the phone and have a little fun at Gordon's expense.
17 Feb. 1965
Ed the Stowaway
Ed stows away on Wilbur and Carol's second-honeymoon cruise to Hawaii, and after he gets to the island, he doesn't want to return home.
24 Feb. 1965
Never Ride Horses
Ed spearheads a multi-media campaign to end horseback riding.
3 Mar. 1965
Ed the Sentry
The Air Force wants Ed for a sentry animal.
10 Mar. 1965
Ed's Diction Teacher
Ed becomes so afraid of Gordon he forgets how to properly speak, which results in his sentences coming out backwards.
17 Mar. 1965
Ed the Godfather
Ed brings home a mare about to foal.
24 Mar. 1965
Ed's Contact Lenses
Ed thinks his reading glasses make him look goofy, so he demands to be taken to the optometrist so he can be examined for contact lens.
31 Mar. 1965
The Dragon Horse
Superstitious Ed has to share his stall with a Wooden Jinx Horse.
7 Apr. 1965
Ed's Cold Tail
Ed tries to trick Wilbur into installing a heating system in his stall, and Connie tries to trick Wilbur into buying a new refrigerator.
14 Apr. 1965
The Bank Robbery
Wilbur and Ed mix it up with a bank robber.
28 Apr. 1965
My Horse, the Mailman
Ed envisions himself as a member of The Pony Express so much that he steals a bag full of mail from the postman, and delivers all the mail in it.
5 May 1965
Whiskers and Tails
Wilbur tries to help Ed overcome his fear of their new, mean, fat, bearded, non-horse-loving neighbor.
12 May 1965
Robin Hood Ed
Ed robs the Kirkwoods to help the Posts.
19 May 1965
Ed the Artist
Ed thinks he's as talented as Picasso, but his painting of Carol gets Wilbur in trouble with her.
9 Jun. 1965
Jon Provost Meets Mister Ed
Johnny gets into trouble with Gordon after breaking one of his windows while delivering on his paper route.
16 Jun. 1965
My Horse, the Ranger
Wilbur refuses to allow Ed to join him and the Boy Junior Rangers on a hiking trip, but Ed's got another idea.

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