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Season 2

1 Oct. 1961
My Son, My Son
Ed's having paternal feelings, so he talks Wilbur into adopting a little pony as a son for him.
8 Oct. 1961
The Horsetronaut
Mister Ed volunteers to be shot into outer space.
15 Oct. 1961
Ed's Ancestors
Through Roger's trickery, Ed believes that he has a shameful heritage, so he runs away from home.
22 Oct. 1961
Ed the Redecorator
Both Carol and Ed want Wilbur to hire a famous decorator to redo the house and stable in a Hawaiian Modern motif.
29 Oct. 1961
Ed the Jumper
Wilbur bets an old college rival "5 bills" that Ed can out-jump his horse. He has second thoughts after he realizes that "5 bills" equals $500.
5 Nov. 1961
Ed the Voter
Carol and Wilbur convert the barn into a temporary polling precinct, so Ed wants to vote, too.
12 Nov. 1961
Hunting Show
The wives horn in on Wilbur and Roger's duck hunting trip.
19 Nov. 1961
Mister Ed's Blues
Roger's brother-in-law is begging Wilbur to write a follow-up hit song to "Pretty Little Filly". He wants it to be a blues number, so Wilbur does his best to get Ed in a depressed mood.
26 Nov. 1961
Ed the Hero
Ed rescues a millionaire's granddaughter from a runaway horse.
3 Dec. 1961
Ed, the Salesman
Carol's constant chattering has rung up a huge phone bill, so she takes a job as a dance instructor to help cover the charges. Ed gets in on the act by taking a job selling real estate over the telephone.
17 Dec. 1961
Ed and the Elephant
Wilbur promises a magician that he will take care of his elephant for a few days, and Ed's not too thrilled with the idea. Meanwhile, Kay brings home one wrong dog too many, so Roger moves into a motel.
7 Jan. 1962
The Wrestler
Wilbur and Roger buy the contract of a professional heavyweight wrestler.
14 Jan. 1962
Ed's Bed
Ed feels sick with a cold, so he demands that Wilbur buy a bed for him so that he can get a good night's rest.
21 Jan. 1962
Ed the Beneficiary
Ed pesters Wilbur to have a will drawn up after he reads of a cat inheriting a large sum from her deceased owner.
28 Jan. 1962
Zsa Zsa
There's a noisy new neighbor in the 'hood, and her name is Zsa Zsa.
4 Feb. 1962
Horse Wash
Carol's dad comes to visit for the first time, and Mister Ed has a hot date, so he visits the local car wash to get a good shower.
11 Feb. 1962
Ed, the Horse Doctor
Roger invests in Lady Linda, a lovesick racehorse that won't run, so it's Mister Ed, the love doctor, to the rescue.
18 Feb. 1962
George Burns Meets Mister Ed
George Burns is offering $25,000 for a great new novelty act, so Wilbur begs Mister Ed to talk to Mr. Burns.
25 Feb. 1962
Ed's Word of Honor
It's Roger's birthday, and he's angry with Mister Ed for eating apples from his trees.
4 Mar. 1962
No Horses Allowed
Wilber enters into a televised debate against a respected member of the community, who wants to ban horses from the neighborhood.
18 Mar. 1962
Bald Horse
Roger wants to get out of having to take a trip to San Francisco with Kay and The Posts, so he tricks Wilbur into believing that Mister Ed is suddenly going bald, which in turn makes Ed a nervous wreck.
25 Mar. 1962
Ed's New Neighbors
Kay inherits country property in New York, so Roger enters into an agreement to sell their California home and move. The purchaser, who works for the IRS, threatens to sue the Posts, if their behavior is not to is liking.
1 Apr. 1962
Ed the Beachcomber
Mister Ed is suffering from feelings of rejection, so he moves to the beach to live with a group of outcast beatniks. Roger owns the beach property, and he wants to evict the whole lot of them.
8 Apr. 1962
Lie Detector
Roger brings home an inventor-friend's homemade lie detector, and he hooks it up to Wilbur, who later hooks it up to Ed.
22 Apr. 1962
Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed
After Clint Eastwood moves into the neighborhood, Mister Ed sets up a party line with his house, which causes nothing but problems for Mr. Eastwood.
29 Apr. 1962
Ed, the Matchmaker
A going-on-15-year-old boy-crazy girl has moved into the neighborhood.

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