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12 Oct. 1961
The Vamp
Margie is frustrated because her girlfriend Maybelle Jackson seems to be more popular with boys than she is. Magie's world-wise aunt gives her some useful tips.
19 Oct. 1961
County Fair
A trip to the county fair turns out to be a source of unexpected adventures for the Clayton family.
26 Oct. 1961
The Big Move
Believing that her father is thinking of moving the family to another town, Margie comes up with a plan to cause problems at the bank where he works so his bosses can see how vital he is and he'll forget about moving.
2 Nov. 1961
Pity the Poor Working Girl
Believing that her father is about to lose his job at the bank, Margie goes out hunting for a job for herself.
9 Nov. 1961
The Initiation
Margie gets the idea that in order to be part of the social scene at school, she has to join an exclusive sorority.
16 Nov. 1961
The Matchmaker
Margie tries to "fix up" Aunt Phoebe with one of her teachers, but the teacher misunderstands and thinks that Margie is after him for herself.
30 Nov. 1961
The Jazz Band
The class wants to get some famous singer sand musicians to perform at the school dance, but realizes it would never be able to afford to pay them. Margie talks them into forming their own jazz band and doing the numbers themselves. When Margie realizes that her class can never afford to pay for famous musicians and singers to play at the school dance, she convinces her fellow students to perform the latest numbers instead.
7 Dec. 1961
By the Sea
During an outing at the beach, Margie pulls out all the stops in an effort to get a cute lifeguard to notice her.
14 Dec. 1961
Hail the Conquered Hero
When Cynthis is bowled over by a brawny young Marine, a lovesick Haywood decides to enlist in the Corps himself to impress her.
21 Dec. 1961
The New Dress
Margie, deciding that she is now a "mature young woman", gets her friends together to help her pick out a "shocking" new dress that will prove it.
28 Dec. 1961
Riches to Rags
Margie's father learns that the snotty, arrogant son of his bank's president is interested in Margie and, much to her dismay, encourages her to go out with him.

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