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Season 1

13 Sep. 1961
The Wizard of Ice
A beautiful blonde plays off one member of a gang of diamond thieves against another in an attempt to steal two million dollars in gems for herself.
20 Sep. 1961
Commando Tactics
Johnny suspect an old army friend is behind the commando style raid on the London Diamond Exchange.
27 Sep. 1961
Stone's Throw Away
King must guard a cache of diamonds.
4 Oct. 1961
Diamonds Don't Burn
A beautiful woman and her henchman try to smuggle a sack of diamonds out of the country.
11 Oct. 1961
Alias Willie Hogan
In order to trap a gang of South African diamond smugglers, Casey agrees to pose as one of the criminals.
17 Oct. 1961
Diamond Dust
The Illegal Diamond Buyers, a criminal cartel, plot to cause a massive drop in the price of diamonds on the world market.
17 Oct. 1961
Four to Get Ready
Diamond thieves in four different countries stage successful prison breaks.
24 Oct. 1961
Diamonds Come in Cans
King suspects the owner of a tramp steamer may be smuggling diamonds in crates of tuna.
31 Oct. 1961
The Uncivil Servant
King poses as a oil tycoon to investigate a tip about a new gang of diamond smugglers
7 Nov. 1961
Stop Johnny King!
Johnny King's efforts to end diamond smuggling are so effective that the crooks decide to eliminate him.
14 Nov. 1961
Edge of Panic
King learns that the chief of Havana's police is stealing diamonds from the victims of his firing squads.
21 Nov. 1961
The Kitty Ling Story
King and O'Brien travel to the Orient in pursuit of a napkin ring encrusted with jewels.
28 Nov. 1961
The Couriers
King and O'Brien recover a cache of stolen gems, but the crooks plan to strike regain their ill-gotten goods.
5 Dec. 1961
Train Wreck
During the confusion following a train wreck, a diamond thief makes a bid to steal diamonds from a courier's possession.
12 Dec. 1961
The Greed Merchant
Suspecting his wife is having an affair with one of his employees, a diamond dealer asks the young man to deliver a valuable gem and then tells the police that the diamond has been stolen.
19 Dec. 1961
Diamonds from the Sky
While on an airplane, a courier is robbed of a fortune in diamonds. He raises an alarm, not realizing the thief has tossed the briefcase full of gems from the plane to his awaiting accomplice on the ground.
26 Dec. 1961
My Friend the Enemy
King's ex-girlfriend, a jewel thief, considers returning to a life of crime.
2 Jan. 1962
The Magic Act
Diamond smugglers use an unsuspecting magician to carry illegal gems from one location to another.
9 Jan. 1962
Invisible Fence
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16 Jan. 1962
Diamond in the Rough
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23 Jan. 1962
King Size Search
King tries to learn which of four freighters is carrying a cache of uncut diamonds.
Many years after World War II, two former servicemen have a falling out over the German crown jewels that they stole during the waning days of World War II. One man, a local politician wants to return the gems, but the other wants to sell the diamonds to the highest bidder. With the help of a beautiful but shifty French smuggler, King and Casey attempt to recover the gems before they disappear.
The Swindler
King helps three men escape from the Congo when a revolt in the diamond fields breaks out.
Saga of Pete Lamont
A friend of King's joins the criminal syndicate controlling criminal activity in the diamond industry
The Set Up
An employee concocts a scheme to steal jewels from his elderly female employer.
Big Brother
A employee uses his employer's trust to steal a small fortune in industrial diamonds.
The Singer
King and O'Brien seeks the help of a hip, young British singer to trap a criminal gang.
Mickey the Mixer
A member of a criminal syndicate develops a unique method to steal diamond jewelry.
Guided Tour de Force
While touring New York City, a group of West Point cadets get mixed up in a diamond robbery.
Kato the Clown
A clown supplements his meager income with petty thefts.
A criminal is released from prison after serving a fifteen year sentence.
17 Apr. 1962
A successful jewel thief moves to the United States and brings along a pretty confederate to distract King and O'Brien.
24 Apr. 1962
A crook salts a worthless piece of desert real estate with diamonds and tries to con greedy investors into buying the land.
1 May 1962
A Diamond for Mister Smith
Two hoodlums pursue a burned-out musician who found a cache of stolen gems
8 May 1962
Rain on Wednesday
When a priceless diamond is stolen, two juvenile delinquents are King's only leads to locating the stolen gem.
15 May 1962
King Meets the Queen
King investigates a Burmese man who is sponsoring a beauty contest in Miami Beach
22 May 1962
The Diamond Makers
King investigates a man's claim to have invented an inexpensive way to manufacture synthetic diamonds.

 Season 1 

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