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Season 2

27 Sep. 1962
Gravida One
While Kildare assists in the case of a pregnant woman who shows a lack of enthusiasm and even hostility to the idea of giving birth to her first child, Gillespie is involved in the case of the hospital's original benefactor, who is suffering from a perforated ulcer.
4 Oct. 1962
The Burning Sky
Kildare and a young intern assist in the field treating victims of a major forest fire. The intern, however, finds himself having a difficult time dealing directly with the victims in life-and-death situations. (Episode broadcast in color as part of network's special color week).
11 Oct. 1962
The Visitors
The anti-Western son of the ruler of an Arab nation is found to be suffering from a brain tumor. Doctors at Blair tell him it must be removed surgically and that they believe they can successfully operate, but the young man asks that a Communist-trained surgeon be called in to do it. When the surgeon arrives and talks to the son, he advises him to not have the surgery---for political reasons.
18 Oct. 1962
The Mask Makers
Kildare is assigned to assist in plastic surgery, and a friend of his decides to undergo it to reconstruct the oversize nose she's long been self-conscious of. But her personality change after the operation is not nearly as positive as she and her friends thought it would be.
25 Oct. 1962
Guest Appearance
When his young son dies unexpectedly from an embolism after a broken leg, a TV emcee blames Kildare and tries to use his show to attack him and destroy his medical career.
1 Nov. 1962
Hastings' Farewell
Kildare is determined to try to help an aphasia patient regain some of his abilities, but this puts him in conflict with the man's discouraged wife, who wants to put him in a nursing home.
8 Nov. 1962
Kildare works under an orthopedist who, while highly skilled and efficient, is also overly perfectionist and demanding with those who work under him. Especially Kildare, whom he starts to suspect of wanting to undermine him.
15 Nov. 1962
The Cobweb Chain
Kildare tries to be of help to an intern from India who, feeling under intense pressure to succeed, is becoming defensive and overworking himself.
22 Nov. 1962
The Soul Killer
Veteran nurse Jenny Freesmith, newly returning to duty after successfully battling morphine addiction, recognizes all the signs in younger nurse Cathy Benjamin and tries to get her to also overcome it. When Cathy steals morphine from the hospital supply room, Jenny plans to take her for cold-turkey withdrawal.
6 Dec. 1962
An Ancient Office
While Kildare is visiting his hometown along with Gillespie, a young mother finds her newborn baby dead in his crib. The longtime coroner quickly rules, without an examination, that the baby suffocated in his blankets, causing the mother to blame herself. Kildare believes that the ruling was premature and that an autopsy should be conducted, causing friction between him, the coroner, and the baby's father.
13 Dec. 1962
The Legacy
Kildare finds himself in an ethical dilemma after a severely burned auto accident victim tells him about the medicine he had taken before the crash, information which will likely go against his wife's case when she takes the other driver to court.
20 Dec. 1962
The Bed I've Made
Gillespie finds himself falling for the new director of nursing, who is stirring up the entire hospital with the numerous changes she is making with both equipment and personnel.
27 Dec. 1962
A Time to Every Purpose
A teenage girl suffers a severe eye injury in an auto accident, but she handles it much better than her mother, who refuses to let the doctors tell her that the eye may have to be removed.
3 Jan. 1963
Love Is a Sad Song
Kildare is falling deeply for a young intern who is determined to become the first female surgeon from Blair Hospital. Both of them know, however, that plans to marry and start a family would go against her when the hospital board considers her application.
10 Jan. 1963
The Thing Speaks for Itself
Kildare and Gillespie face a malpractice suit after a woman unexpectedly dies following a common and usually safe injection.
17 Jan. 1963
The Great Guy
A popular comedian becomes embittered and hostile to everyone after his leg is amputated due to bone cancer.
31 Jan. 1963
The Mosaic
Several medical students come down with hepatitis. Kildare works with a public health investigator to determine the source, a search which both men find perplexing.
7 Feb. 1963
The Good Luck Charm
An egotistical former movie idol is admitted to Blair, and tests can find no reason for her apparent inability to walk. Kildare hopes to determine the problem, and also to encourage the actress to see another patient of his, a girl with terminal cancer who idolizes her. But in pursuing both matters Kildare butts heads with the actress's personal physician.
14 Feb. 1963
Jail Ward
Kildare volunteers for work in the jail ward after treating two policemen and the assailant who shot them for bullet wounds. One of the policemen dies, and Kildare discovers that the killer may have a blood disorder, requiring that his trial be delayed until he has undergone tests and treatment, which angers the dead officer's partner.
21 Feb. 1963
A Trip to Niagara
A neurologist is accidentally exposed to an excessive amount of radiation, which will cause him to go blind in a matter of weeks, just as his family is hoping for him to go on a vacation, and as one of his patients is desperate for him to perform surgery to correct her symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
28 Feb. 1963
A Place Among the Monuments
After Kildare saves the life of a young woman who tried to commit suicide by overdosing on barbiturates, the girl's parents (particularly her father) become so worshiping of him that they put him on a pedestal and talk as if he can do no wrong. Kildare finds it hard to tell them that she is still not out of the woods.
7 Mar. 1963
Face of Fear
After several unexplained violent outbursts, one in which he smashes his own lab, a hospital technician fears that he is going insane like his father did years earlier.
14 Mar. 1963
Sister Mike
After observing that a woman has still been been physically abusing her young daughter, Kildare wants to get involved in the case and report her for it. But this puts him in conflict with the nun who's been assigned to the family's welfare, as she hopes to do everything in her power to keep the girl's family together if possible.
21 Mar. 1963
A Very Infectious Disease
Working with a middle-aged Australian intern from the outback, Kildare is disturbed by the man's disregard for protocol and paperwork---and by his deeply prejudicial attitude toward a patient sent to the hospital from immigration services.
28 Mar. 1963
The Dark Side of the Mirror
A woman will die unless she receives a kidney from her estranged twin sister, but the sister, a model, is unwilling to undergo the surgery to donate it.
11 Apr. 1963
The Sleeping Princess
Responding to a call at an apartment where an elderly man has collapsed, Kildare discovers the man's teenage daughter living inside. She has not ventured outside the apartment for years and appears to live in a fantasy world. When her father's condition is determined to be terminal, Kildare tries to determine if and how the girl, who is becoming attached to him, could survive in the real world.
18 Apr. 1963
Ship's Doctor
In a lighter episode, Gillespie wins the hospital raffle for a vacation, and goes on a luxury cruise. However, he asks to not be identified as a doctor on the cruise list so that he won't be constantly pestered. But when the ship's doctor learns about his profession anyway, he assumes Gillespie is the spy sent by the ship's owners to investigate his excessive expense account.
25 Apr. 1963
Tightrope Into Nowhere
A young woman is bitter and cold toward her seriously ill father, until he lapses into an irreversible coma, after which she begs Kildare to do everything possible to keep him alive. This puts Kildare in conflict with the chief resident in charge, who strongly opposes taking extraordinary measures to extend life for hopeless patients.
2 May 1963
The Balance and the Crucible
A brilliant doctor who is also a minister turns down Gillespie's offer of a residency at Blair, preferring instead to join his wife as a missionary in South America. But when struck by a tragedy, his faith is shattered and he reacts bitterly toward attempts by others to help.
9 May 1963
The Gift of the Koodjanuk
Alfred Freely, a cheerful Irishman, comes in to Blair for a check-up, and tells Kildare that he is his long-lost uncle, though Kildare does not really remember him. Because of the man's gift for blarney and cheer, Kildare puts him in a ward regarded as the "jinx ward", due to the fact that several in it have died, and the others need something to lift their spirits. But then Kildare learns that Alfred may be seriously ill himself..
16 May 1963
An Island Like a Peacock
A man suffers a heart attack after coming to see his blind daughter, whom he abandoned when she was a child in order to live a vagabond life. The daughter refuses to forgive him and will not accept his offer of help, nor will she take a chance on surgery to restore her sight, because she has been disappointed by past operations that failed.
23 May 1963
To Each His Own Prison
While in a state of advanced delirium tremens, an alcoholic tells Kildare that it was he who committed the embezzlement for which his former business partner was convicted and sent to prison. He tells Kildare to tell the police after he dies, but then he recovers and says he was hallucinating when he said it. Kildare is in a dilemma as to whether or not to believe him, or to tell the police.
30 May 1963
A Hand Held Out in Darkness
A little girl is brought to Blair after being found unconscious on the street. She has no identification and no one comes to identify her. On examination no physical reason can be determined for her apparent comatose state. Kildare begins to suspect that she is suffering from a dissociative reaction to some emotional trauma.
6 Jun. 1963
What's God to Julius?
Realizing he is terminally ill, a man becomes concerned about the future of his mentally disabled brother, whom he has been caring for alone.

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