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1 Jan. 1964
The Third One from the Left
Rob becomes the victim of undying gratitude and amorous attentions when he elevates a talented young chorus girl to a featured role on the show.
8 Jan. 1964
My Husband Is the Best One
Rob's job is threatened, and his work relationships throttled, by a news article praising him more than Alan for the success of The Alan Brady Show, all thanks to Laura.
15 Jan. 1964
The Lady and the Tiger and the Lawyer
A suave bachelor moves in next door, and Rob and Laura compete as matchmakers. Rob sets him up with Sally, and Laura arranges a date with her clumsy but sophisticated cousin.
22 Jan. 1964
The Life and Love of Joe Coogan
By pure chance, the tall, handsome, stud bachelor Rob meets at the golf course used to write love sonnets to Laura, which she kept.
29 Jan. 1964
A Nice, Friendly Game of Cards
A social game of poker turns sour when it's discovered Rob has been playing with a marked deck.
5 Feb. 1964
Happy Birthday and Too Many More
Rob makes a lot of trouble for himself when he decides to hold Ritchie's birthday party at home rather than at an amusement park - for sixty-three screaming kids.
12 Feb. 1964
The Brave and the Backache
Rob suspects his illness is psychosomatic when he develops sudden and severe back pains after he and Laura make plans to spend a weekend at Lake Sissy Manoonoo for the fourth time.
19 Feb. 1964
The Pen Is Mightier Than the Mouth
Buddy and Rob are left writing the script without Sally when she becomes a hit as a regular guest on late night talk show.
26 Feb. 1964
My Part-Time Wife
With Sally away, Laura wants to help Rob at the office. He resists, but his inability to find even remotely adequate help forces him to relent, and sparks fly when her success outshines his security.
4 Mar. 1964
Honeymoons Are for the Lucky
Rob recalls the hurdles he had having his honeymoon with Laura.
11 Mar. 1964
How to Spank a Star
A manipulative and sultry guest star has Mel replaced by Rob as producer during her appearance on the Alan Brady Show, much to Rob's discomfort.
18 Mar. 1964
The Plots Thicken
The purchase of multiple burial plots triggers a battle over primary affection between Rob's and Laura's two sets of parents.
25 Mar. 1964
Scratch My Car and Die
Laura dreads telling Rob about the big passenger-side scratch she found on their brand new car (which Rob adores) when she went shopping in it.
1 Apr. 1964
The Return of Edwin Carp
Rob proposes doing what's never been done before on television - radio.
8 Apr. 1964
October Eve
Laura once commissioned an artist for a fully clothed portrait of herself, which he, taking artist license, rendered nude and now has standing in an art gallery for all to see.
15 Apr. 1964
Dear Mrs. Petrie, Your Husband Is in Jail
With Laura out of town for a few days, Rob tries to figure out what to do in his spare time. Eventually, he looks in on an old Army buddy, who is at a nightclub. Unfortunately, it results in confusion that ultimately lands Rob behind bars.
22 Apr. 1964
My Neighbor's Husband's Other Life
Rob and Laura spot their neighbor Jerry at a fancy restaurant with a pretty blonde. They suspect him of having an affair, and his lack of candor seems to confirm their fears. They try to squirm out a confession and save his marriage.
29 Apr. 1964
I'd Rather Be Bald Than Have No Head at All
Fearing he may be going bald, Rob tries a dubious homemade remedy formulated by Buddy's barber.
13 May 1964
Teacher's Petrie
Laura takes a creative writing course, and the teacher extols Laura's writing abilities. Rob infers from this unwarranted attention that Mr. Caldwell is using Laura to meet him. In fact, Mr. Caldwell's interest is only in Laura.
23 Sep. 1964
My Mother Can Beat Up My Father
When a drunk accosts Laura and Rob in a downtown bar, Laura surprises Rob by using a judo throw that flattens the man. Rob begins to feel inadequate as the "protector" of his household and sets out to prove a point with Laura.
30 Sep. 1964
The Ghost of A. Chantz
After a mix up by Mel for reservations at a lodge, Rob, Laura, Sally and Buddy are forced to spend a frightening night in a cabin that has not been used in years and is rumored to be haunted.
7 Oct. 1964
The Lady and the Baby Sitter
Roger, a babysitter in high school whom the Petries adore, develops a huge crush on Laura, and Rob, not realizing who is involved, encourages him to express his love to the object of his desire.
14 Oct. 1964
A Vigilante Ripped My Sports Coat
A two-week-old feud between the Petries and the Helpers suffers a twist when a dinner invitation arrives one week late.
21 Oct. 1964
The Man from 'Emperor'
An old friend of Rob's shows up to offer him a job with his hugely successful but racy gentlemen's magazine. Rob says he won't do it, but Laura is not so sure. Rob is sorely tempted by the wining, dining, and the beautiful girls.
28 Oct. 1964
Romance, Roses and Rye Bread
A red rose found in Sally's desk bespeaks of a secret admirer, but when she learns it's Bert the jocular deli man, she doesn't take it seriously (but should).
4 Nov. 1964
Rob relates the story of how he and Laura became friends with Lyle Delp, a convict in prison. Lyle had robbed the Petries years ago in an elevator, but then the three were trapped together when the elevator stuck.
11 Nov. 1964
The Alan Brady Show Goes to Jail
The gang from the show agrees to put on a show for Lyle and his fellow inmates in prison. They unwisely choose to wear prisoner uniforms for their show, and Rob gets mistaken for a real prisoner.
18 Nov. 1964
Three Letters from One Wife
To help Rob, Millie sends raving pseudo fan letters praising Alan Brady for hosting a "brainy" documentary show on comedy that Rob wrote - only the show doesn't air, and the letters meant to help Rob could help him right out of his job.
25 Nov. 1964
Pink Pills and Purple Parents
Rob recalls when Laura took a tranquilizer prescribed for Millie before meeting Rob's parents for the first time, with disastrous results.
2 Dec. 1964
It Wouldn't Hurt Them to Give Us a Raise
On learning they're not the highest paid writers for their highest rated show, Sally and Buddy go on strike. Rob, speaking on their behalf for raises, gets a bewildering introduction to Alan's convoluted corporate structure.
9 Dec. 1964
The Death of the Party
Rob struggles to hide the severe symptoms of a flu virus at a family party for Laura's relatives rather than admit she was right against him golfing earlier that morning in damp conditions.
16 Dec. 1964
My Two Showoffs and Me
Mel wants a magazine reporter to watch the writers at work, but Rob thinks they'll all end up performing for the reporter instead of getting anything done. Turns out, that's not the half of it.
30 Dec. 1964
Stretch Petrie vs. Kid Schenk
Neil Schenk, an old but manipulative pal of Rob's, re-enters Rob's life to, once again, milk him for repayment of a good turn he once provided Rob.

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