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3 Oct. 1961
The Sick Boy and the Sitter
Alan Brady is throwing a party at his penthouse for a few of the network executives and he wants the writing staff to attend. Unfortunately for Rob though Laura thinks Richie is on the verge of being sick and wants to stay home. Rob is certain he'll be okay and wants to get a babysitter but he's having a hard time convincing Laura.
10 Oct. 1961
My Blonde-Haired Brunette
A series of events occur that make Laura believe that Rob no longer sees her as the beautiful, young and lovable wife she hopes she still is. These events include Rob wanting to sleep in on his day off instead of waking up to eat breakfast with her, Rob being irked by her romantically playful attempts to wake him up, Rob not caring how he looks around her, Rob calling her his "old lady", and Rob pulling out a white hair from her head. Rob eventually sees that Laura is upset, but she won't tell him why if he doesn't know. Rob asks Buddy and Sally for advice, they ...
17 Oct. 1961
Sally and the Lab Technician
After Rob gets home late from work because he has to drive Sally home Laura gets the idea to try and play matchmaker. Rob is against it but Laura thinks Sally would be a good match with her cousin Thomas, the lab technician. The two are polar opposites...Thomas is quiet, mild and meek and Sally is loud, brassy and full of jokes. The dinner is a disaster but can opposites attract?
24 Oct. 1961
Washington vs. the Bunny
Rob is torn between going to Washington, DC on business and attending Ritchie's school play.
31 Oct. 1961
Oh, How We Met on the Night That We Danced
While clearing out the bedroom closet, Rob finds his old army boots, bringing back memories of how he and Laura first met.
6 Nov. 1961
Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.
Harrison B. Harding stops by the office and claims he's an old Army buddy of Rob from Camp Crowder. Rob pretends to recognize Harrison, but he doesn't really recognize him (Harrison says he lost 57 pounds). Rob doesn't even remember anybody with that name. Rob tries to get rid of Harrison, but winds up inviting Harrison and his wife home for dinner. He then starts to suspect that Harrison is a con man with embarrassing results.
7 Nov. 1961
Jerry plants seeds of mistrust in Laura's mind when he learns that Valerie Blake, the beautiful movie star, will be guesting on The Alan Brady Show. Laura doesn't listen to him until Rob begins a string of late night work sessions. Soon Laura's jealousy begins to grow and Rob will have to work just as hard to convince Laura that nothing is going on between he and Valerie Blake.
14 Nov. 1961
To Tell or Not to Tell
Complications ensue when Mel tells Rob that he wants Laura to dance on "The Alan Brady Show".
21 Nov. 1961
The Unwelcome Houseguest
Buddy and his wife can't take their German Shepherd, Larry, with them on a three-day weekend. Buddy wants Rob to keep Larry for the weekend, but Rob refuses because he hasn't talked it over with Laura. The next time we see Rob, he's trying to sneak Larry into the house. Ritchie is afraid because he thinks that Larry is a wolf and Laura can't sleep because Larry is crying. What is Rob to do?
28 Nov. 1961
The Meershatz Pipe
Rob's not as impressed with Buddy's new Meershatz pipe as he is with the fact that it was a gift from Alan Brady. Not just impressed but envious as well. After all, he is the head writer of the show and begins to feel as if he isn't needed. Getting sick and having to miss work for several days doesn't help his insecurities.
5 Dec. 1961
Forty-Four Tickets
Rob complains about Ritchie's forgetfulness, but suddenly realizes he forgot to reserve 44 tickets for the PTA to see The Alan Brady Show. Rob begs and borrows some tickets; Buddy and Sally try to steal some tickets for him. An unexpected twist occurs at the last moment.
12 Dec. 1961
Empress Carlotta's Necklace
Rob buys Laura a hideous necklace but Laura can't bring herself to tell Rob how she really feels about it. When Rob invites his parents to see the necklace, his mother has a surprising reaction.
19 Dec. 1961
Sally Is a Girl
Rob and Buddy treat Sally as "one of the guys", even in the presence of Sally's date. Laura wants Rob to treat Sally like a lady. Mel and Buddy get the wrong idea.
26 Dec. 1961
Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?
Buddy has a chance for a head writer job. Rob and Sally help Buddy get released from his contract to "The Alan Brady Show". The plan backfires, so Rob and Sally have to find an ingenious way to get Buddy re-hired.

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