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2 Apr. 1961
The Burglary Ring
Lt. Jensen and Sgt. Keller work to crack the case of a burglary ring, run by a former British army officer, whose heists are so efficient and well planned that they appear to be inside jobs.
9 Apr. 1961
The Lady and the Lawyer
The main suspect in the murder of city employee Sam Henry is playboy attorney Allen Bardeman, both of whom appear to have connections to a crime ring.
16 Apr. 1961
The Friendly Gesture
Honocheck is astounded to find that his friend Lou Gordon may be involved in a ring that steals travelers checks. He risks his reputation and job to clear his friend's name.
23 Apr. 1961
The Gomez Affair
A local thug named Joey Minor gets into a shootout with the cops, resulting in him being wounded and an officer being killed. As Gower and his men search for Joey, they discover that medical supplies have been disappearing from the hospital where Joey's girlfriend Teresa works. They come up with a plan to nab Joey by using Teresa.
30 Apr. 1961
The Sniper
Police flood the area known as a "lover's lane" when a sniper shoots and wounds a young girl. They locate a man holding a rifle who quickly confesses to the crime, but Honochek and Gower sense that things aren't quite the way they seem to be.
7 May 1961
The Last Way Out
The squad goes after big-time bookie Richie Ashmond, but he's been around too long to let himself get caught easily. However, two women could hold the key to taking Richie down.
14 May 1961
The McMasters Story
An ex-gangster named David McMasters is gunned down by two men. What at first looks to be just another gangland hit could turn out to be something else entirely when Gower discovers that the victim left a very substantial inheritance to his daughter.
21 May 1961
The Nine-Twenty Hero
Shortly after being presented an award for heroism, Detective Bill Dyer goes berserk and shoots a fellow officer.
28 May 1961
The Professor
Crime boss Doc Stehlemyer gets paroled from prison and goes back to his old haunts with a "foolproof" plan for a million-dollar jewel robbery. Unfortunately for Doc, this foolproof scheme begins to fall apart almost immediately.
4 Jun. 1961
The Fighter
An ex-boxer in hock to a pair of loan sharks agrees to help them carry out a robbery in exchange for their erasing his debt to them.
11 Jun. 1961
The Kidnapping
Roy Bradley's son is kidnapped, and he borrows the money for the ransom from his friend Alex Meriden. The squad manages to capture three of the four kidnappers and rescue the boy, but the ransom money is nowhere to be found.
18 Jun. 1961
The Dark Night
Gower gets word that a hit has been ordered on mob financier Victor Vanda. He decides to warn Vanda and offer him protection, hoping that will turn him against his mob colleagues and he'll start naming names.
25 Jun. 1961
The Scott Machine
Warren Scott, the leader of a neo-Nazi organization, is planning a big rally in the city. Much to the squad's distaste, they're assigned to protect him.


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