The Wasp Woman (1959) Poster



Glass of lab door is broken and covered with plastic in several scenes before the shot when it was actually broken.
A male actor playing an employee attending the board meeting (seated on right), later appears as a delivery man.
Mr. Cooper sneaks into the lab and doesn't lock the door behind him. Janice then comes to the lab and has to unlock the door that he left unlocked.
When the Doctor is making the guinea pigs younger to show Janice Starlin, the position of the handle on the cage changes.
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Crew or equipment visible 

When Janice is giving the positive outlook to her board members in the conference room, the camera moves to the back of the large table and you can clearly see the shadows of the camera and some crew members on one of the chairs.
There is a shadow of a crew member cast on the door when Janice and the Doctor leave her office to go to the laboratory.
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Errors in geography 

Although the detectives supposedly are looking for Mr. Zinthrop in Manhattan, their car has California plates, the skyline behind them obviously is that of Los Angeles as it has only low rise buildings and lots of open space rather than the tall and crowded buildings of Manhattan, and they pass at least three date palm trees that could never survive and grow in the cold New York winters.

Factual errors 

Despite the title and repeated assertions during the movie that the serum comes from wasp 'enzymes', the opening credits are superimposed over stock footage of a honey bee hive, and the same footage is shown after the first injection.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Despite the use of keys during the whole movie, there is obviously no lock on the lab door. Wrong. After the cat is killed, you can clearly see the old skeleton style keyhole in the lab door.

Revealing mistakes 

When the Doctor makes the guinea pigs younger, the supposedly younger, smaller guinea pigs are in fact lab rats.
When The Wasp Woman attacks Cooper, the sleeve of her black sweater rolls up revealing the rubber monster glove only goes a few inches beyond the actor's wrist.
When the cat pounces on the Doctor from on top of the fridge, it is obvious that it was thrown onto him.
When Janice injects herself to make herself even more younger looking, you can clearly see the needle isn't in her arm.
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